What is the scope of work?

    The City of Cambridge will be constructing a new construct new sidewalk on Newman Drive from 61 Newman Drive to Princess Street. Construction will include:

    • 1.5 metres wide concrete sidewalk
    • Approximately 1.0 to 1.6 metres wide concrete driveway ramp between existing curb and proposed sidewalk at driveways

    Are there any changes proposed to the existing streetscape?

    New 1.5-metre-wide concrete sidewalk on the north side is proposed with a 1.0 metre to 1.6 metres wide grass boulevard between concrete curb and sidewalk is proposed. 

    The removal of 3 trees will be required for the construction of a new curb faced or boulevard sidewalk. An additional tree will be removed due to its condition/health.

    The asphalt roadway will not be impacted by this construction.

    Why is the City proceeding with this work?

    As part of the Cambridge West Development planning stage the City of Cambridge received requests from residents of Newman Drive to complete the sidewalk in-fill on Newman Drive from Princess Street to 61 Newman Drive and through the planning stage funds were received from the Developer to construct the sidewalk in-fill.

    Can I upgrade my existing sanitary sewer and water service?

    All water service laterals for single families will be replaced with 25mm diameter polyethylene pipe from the watermain to property line and all sanitary service laterals will be replaced with 100mm diameter PVC pipe from the sewer main to property line.

    Any property owner wishing to have new (additional) or larger sized services must make written application to the City of Cambridge. Any new or upgrade service will be at the expense of the property owner making the request. Should you require a new or upgraded service, please contact Matt Holland of the Community Development Department at 519-623-1340 ext. 4751 so that your requirements can be incorporated as part of the construction.

    Please note that the service installed would be to the property line only. Any work on private property would be the responsibility of the property owner who must obtain a permit under the Plumbing Code from the City’s Building Department.

    What is the timing of the reconstruction?

    Construction is expected to take place in 2021.

    Who will be doing the work?

    A private contractor selected through the City’s public tender process will undertake the work.

    How will the reconstruction affect me?

    During sidewalk construction, it will be necessary to close a lane of traffic to complete the construction of the sidewalk. Access to private property will be maintained.  For times you do not have access to your property, i.e. constructing new sidewalk cross your driveway, alternate arrangements should be made for parking.   Overnight parking will be permitted on Newman Drive and intersecting streets within one block of the construction but you must abide by all other existing parking restrictions (i.e. don’t block a driveway, don’t park too close to a fire hydrant, don’t park where parking is prohibited, etc.).

    How will disruptions be minimized?

    One issue of critical importance to the City of Cambridge is to have the work completed while minimizing disruption to the neighbourhood. Construction is disruptive and at times will create noise, vibration due to compaction and a potential for dust. To address these disruptions, water and calcium chloride are used for dust control and construction activity is limited to daylight hours after 7:00 a.m.

    What will happen to surface features existing on City property?

    On some construction projects we find that residents have constructed gardens, shrubs, hedges, and fences within the City road allowance. If the specific landscape feature is in conflict with the proposed sidewalk location, you will be asked to relocate the garden, hedge etc onto your property prior to construction taking place. 

    When constructing the sidewalk, it may be necessary to cut back some driveways to match the new grade. If this is the case, the driveway will be saw-cut and a patch placed using the same material if possible. Impressed or coloured concrete driveways cannot be replaced to match the original, which is also the case with paving stone driveways (unless the owner has a supply of matching stones that the contractor could use). 

    If you have a sprinkler system installed along the edge of the roadway within the City’s road allowance, please remove the piping prior to construction as the contractor will not be responsible for damage and the City will not replace it. You may have it reinstalled on private property after construction is completed if you wish.

    Will blue box, green box and refuse collection be affected?

    Blue box, green box and refuse collection will be maintained throughout the duration of construction. When access is restricted by construction operations, the construction crew will place the blue boxes and refuse containers at a location accessible by the collection service on collection days. To minimize problems during construction, it would be appreciated if all refuse is bagged – Yard Waste in paper bags, Household Garbage in plastic bags.  Please ensure that your address is clearly marked on containers/blue boxes.

    What can I do if I require information in an accessible format

    If you require information in an accessible format or accommodation to access municipal services, please contact accessibility@cambridge.ca.