2019 Budget

Welcome to a questionnaire on the 2019 Budget:  We want your opinion on current service levels and proposed investments in services provided to the community.  It should take about 15 minutes to complete.

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Seniors' Services

Sunnyside Home is facing an increasing need to provide more care to people with complex needs (such as Alzheimer’s disease). Additionally the need for more 24 hour and end-of-life care is increasing. More Personal Support Workers (PSWs) are needed to meet these higher demands for care, and ensure the comfort and safety of residents around the clock. Once fully implemented, the additional PSWs would increase the annual property tax levy for Seniors’ Services by $381,000.

Hiring more Personal Support Workers to ensure comfort, safety and high quality around-the-clock care at Sunnyside Home at an annual cost of $1.44 per average household is good value for the community.