Is police enforcement going to increase in the pilot areas?

    The purpose of the pilot is to review if a lower speed limit throughout a neighbourhood has an impact in itself.  Tickets issued within the pilot areas will carry higher fines due to the lower speed limit but the volume of enforcement will remain largely consistent with the rest of the City.  Prioritizing the pilot neighbourhoods over the rest of the City would skew the results of the pilot and would not be a sustainable initiative.  In and out of the pilot areas, locations of concern may have heightened enforcement through the Selective Traffic Enforcement Program.

    Residents can use the Waterloo Regional Police’s online reporting form to request enforcement for any location.

    While regular enforcement is not changing, Elgin Street North at  Elgin Street P.S. and Guelph Avenue at St Gabriel C.E.S. are to be part of the Region of Waterloo’s rotating Automated Speed Enforcement program.

    There is speeding in my area, can you reduce the speed on my street as well?

    The pilot program is for select neighbourhoods only. A report will be submitted to Council outlining the results of the study. 

    If you would like to learn more/inquire about Speed Management, please visit