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Please note that comments, questions and concerns regarding the initial information shared on this project should be shared with the project team by July 15, 2021 for consideration prior to the start of the project. In addition to your comments, other information we would like to receive from residents or businesses are your special needs, e.g. for people with a disability, water or sewer service improvements, and/or driveway modifications. This written record will help the city to address all the issues related to this project. Please contact:

Mr. Mike Lupsa, P.Eng.

Senior Project Engineer - Design and Construction
Waterloo City Centre
100 Regina Street South
P.O. Box 337 Station Waterloo
Waterloo, ON N2J 4A8

Phone: 519-886-1550 Ext. 78248


The City of Waterloo is proposing to complete road reconstruction and infrastructure replacement on Brighton Street (Noecker Street to Marshall Street) pending Council approval of the tender award. The scope of the works is as follows:

  • Upgrade the existing sanitary sewer, storm sewer and watermain on Brighton Street from Noecker Street to Marshall Street;
  • Replace existing sanitary and water services from the new mains to property line;
  • Curb and gutter, asphalt, and concrete sidewalk. The existing sidewalk will be replaced with new 1.8m wide sidewalk. No sidewalk is proposed for the east side; and
  • Replace all driveway curb returns and ramp entrances on Brighton Street.

Why is the City proceeding with this work?

These improvements are being completed to upgrade the existing aging underground services and above-ground surface features, in order to prevent future failures and maintain an acceptable level of service.

What is the timing of the reconstruction?

Construction is expected to commence in the Spring of 2022 pending Council approval, with completion in late Fall 2022.

Who will be doing the work?

The City will be obtaining prices for the work from interested Contractors, through a public tendering process. It is anticipated that a qualified Contractor will then be awarded the contract, subject to obtaining the necessary approvals.

How will the reconstruction affect residents on the street?

In order to carry out these improvements, it will be necessary to close this street to through traffic. Prior to any road closure, signs will be posted on the approaching streets advising motorists of the date and the duration of the closure.

During road reconstruction, access to private property may be possible, but it will be at your own risk, as you will be traveling through a construction zone. During times that there is not access to your property, or if you do not wish to travel through the construction zone, alternate arrangements should be made for parking. Overnight parking will be permitted on intersecting streets within one block of the reconstruction but you must abide by all other existing parking restrictions (i.e. don’t block a driveway, don’t park too close to a fire hydrant, don’t park where parking is prohibited, etc.). The Contractor will provide notice as to when access to your property will be limited, and these times will be minimized as much as possible.

Pedestrian Access

Pedestrian access to all buildings will be maintained at all times, although periodic disruptions may occur for short durations. The construction contract for this project will be written to include a requirement of the Contractor to provide a level, gravel walking surface for pedestrians and to provide intermittent pedestrian crossings of the roadway. Please notify the City of any special needs you may have regarding access to your property.

Temporary construction fencing will be provided, whenever possible, to separate the activities of workers, equipment and construction vehicles from that of the public. These fences are to protect the public from the work by creating a visible barrier from the construction activity. Members of the public are asked to report any observed vandalism or accidental impacts on construction fencing to City representatives, to ensure that the proper delineation of the work area is provided for the safety of all.


Deliveries may be impacted by the work. All owners are asked to communicate any specific delivery needs to City representatives, whether regular or special deliveries, in order to coordinate the safe and efficient delivery of goods.

Will sanitary sewer and water services be interrupted?

Sewer and water service will be maintained throughout the duration of construction. However, short interruptions can be expected, particularly when the services to individual properties are transferred from existing mains to the new mains. In the majority of cases, interruptions will be limited to a few hours and will occur during normal working hours. Advance notification will be provided where possible prior to any planned service interruption. During watermain reconstruction, a temporary above ground watermain may be installed. Each property will be connected from the temporary main to an outside water tap. Access onto your property will be required to provide the temporary connection.

Can I upgrade my existing sanitary sewer and water service?

All water service laterals for single families will be replaced with 25mm diameter polyethylene pipe from the watermain to property line and all sanitary service laterals will be replaced with 100mm diameter PVC pipe from the sewer main to property line.

Any property owner wishing to have new (additional) or larger sized services must make written application to the City of Waterloo for review and approval. Any new or upgraded service will be at the expense of the property owner making the request. Should you require a new or upgraded service, please contact Mike Lupsa at 519-886-1550 Ext. 78248 so that your requirements can be incorporated as part of the construction.

Please note that the service installed would be to the property line only. Any work on private property would be the responsibility of the property owner who must obtain a permit under the Plumbing Code from the City’s Building Department.

How will disruptions be minimized?

One issue of critical importance to the City of Waterloo is to have the work completed while minimizing disruption to the neighbourhood. Road reconstruction and underground servicing is disruptive and at times will create noise and vibration due to compaction and a potential for dust. To address these disruptions, water and calcium chloride are used for dust control and construction activity is limited to daylight hours after 7:00 a.m.

Are there any changes proposed to the existing streetscape?

Yes. The complete roadway within the project limits will be reconstructed. Concrete barrier curb and gutter will be constructed.

Surface features existing on City property

On some reconstruction projects we find that residents have constructed gardens, shrubs, hedges, retaining walls, and fences within the City road allowance. This is usually not a problem unless the existing services are below that particular feature, if there is a grade change or if the roadway changes. In this case you will be asked to relocate the garden, hedge, etc. onto your property prior to construction taking place.

When reconstructing the road, it may be necessary to cut back some driveways to match the new grade or accommodate upgrading the underground services. If this is the case, the driveway will be saw-cut and a patch placed using the same material if possible. Impressed or coloured concrete driveway swill be a challenge to be replaced to match the original, which is also the case with paving stone driveways (unless the owner has a supply of matching stones that the contractor could use). The property owner has the option of retaining their own contractor to complete the driveway patch after the construction is complete and the City will cover the costs contingent on review of the costs proposed.

In-ground sprinkler system

If you have a sprinkler system installed along the edge of the roadway within the City’s road allowance, please remove the piping prior to construction as the contractor will not be responsible for damage and the City will not replace it. You may have it reinstalled on private property after construction is completed if you wish.

Will blue box, green box and garbage collection be affected?

Blue box, green box and garbage collection will be maintained throughout the duration of construction. When access is restricted by construction operations, the construction crew will place the blue boxes and refuse containers at a location accessible by the collection service on collection days. To minimize problems during construction, it would be appreciated if all refuse is bagged – Yard Waste in paper bags, Household Garbage in plastic bags. Please ensure that your address is clearly marked on containers / blue boxes.

Tree Protection

Where healthy trees are identified they will be protected throughout construction. Any tree identified as being unsafe will be removed. Trees showing significant decline identified as being of poor quality, and trees that are in major conflict with proposed work will be identified as potential removals. Specifications have been developed to minimize the amount of damage to trees during the work. This includes tunneling under trees, supplementary watering, and restrictions on the amount of restoration work that occurs around trees. The City of Waterloo will plant two (2) trees for every tree removed. The location of the new trees is to be confirmed at the detailed design stage.

Site Office

A site office trailer will be established within, or adjacent to, the work area as space and available facilities permit.

The site office will be a place of contact between the public and project personnel and will also be used for construction progress meetings with the Contractor.

Hours of Work

Construction activity will generally be between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., except on Sundays and Statutory Holidays, when construction is prohibited.

Normally, road reconstruction projects are undertaken during the week from Monday to Friday.

During the later stages of construction, or as needed, it may be required that the Contractor work on Saturdays within the regular working hours of 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., in order to meet the scheduled date of completion.

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