What is the budget process?

14 Jan 2019

Step 1 - Preparation

The City budget is the culmination of ongoing engagement on public priorities throughout the year starting with the strategic plan followed by master plans, public meetings, online engagement, and informal feedback. The budget is prepared taking into consideration both this community input and direction from City Council.

Step 2 - Internal staff review

Following preparation of the budget, the capital budget is reviewed by an internal Capital Budget Working Group, consisting of senior management representatives throughout the corporation. This group reviews capital priority rankings, in order to prioritize projects within funding constraints for all 10 years of the capital forecast.

Step 3 - Strategic alignment

The budget is the reviewed by the City's Corporate Leadership Team - the senior-most level of administration at the City. The Corporate Leadership Team ensures the budget aligns with the strategic plan and Council direction.

Step 4 - Public info series

The Budget Info Series is the step in the process that ensures the community has the opportunity to learn more about the budget before taking it to the Budget and Audit Committee for approval.

Step 5 - Budget and Audit Committee

After taking into consideration feedback gathered from all previous steps, the draft budget is then presented to the Budget and Audit Committee for review and alterations where necessary.

Step 6 - City Council

When the Budget and Audit Committee is satisfied with a draft of the budget, it is then presented to Cambridge City Council for final approval.

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