Introducing the Cambridge Connected graphics!

As part of updating the Cambridge Connected strategic plan, we are also updating its look and feel. The new Cambridge Connected icon set will be used in all future communications about the plan as well as in the final document and reports.

The main Cambridge Connected graphic forms a double-span bridge inspired by the City of Cambridge logo and the Main Street bridge, while the two colours of blue below connote the two rivers. The shape forms an infinite loop while also retaining the form of two “C”s for Cambridge Connected.

Additional graphics developed for the themes of PEOPLE, Place and Prosperity use the same base treatment as the Cambridge Connected, creating a recognizable and cohesive look and feel.

The PEOPLE graphic re-imagines the bridges and rivers as two figures holding each other:

In the PLACE graphic, the bridges and rivers are reoriented as four arrows converging at a single point:

For PROSPERITY the bridges and rivers are connected with an 8-point star that expands in all directions:

Look for these graphics as we move forward with our Phase 2 engagement planning.

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