Strategic Plan - Proposed Actions

The goals and objectives of the Strategic Plan were updated in January 2021 and the focus is now on refining the measurable strategic actions that the City will take to achieve these goals, and identifying the specific initiatives that will be used to complete them.

GOALS are a ‘big picture’, long-term description of what we want to achieve

OBJECTIVES are specific priority areas that work towards our goals

ACTIONS are the measurable steps we will take to achieve these objectives

After receiving more than 1,900 contributions over the past year, we have arrived at thirteen proposed actions to support the updated goals and objectives.

Following the consultation period, specific and measurable targets will be set for each of the actions.

After reviewing the proposed actions below, please provide your feedback by taking our survey.

We are the LEAD for the following proposed actions

Action statement (What we will do)

Our Role (How we do this)

Provide age-friendly services that are accessible to all

This includes: advocating for the wellbeing of all residents; recognizing the unique needs of seniors, youth and equity-seeking groups; using multi-use recreation and cultural facilities to provide multi-generational, diverse and inclusive programs; and embracing universal design for accessibility

We develop and deliver high-quality programs for children, youth and adults that meet the needs of a diverse and changing population

Establish our core areas as attractive destinations

This includes: promoting the rivers as a destination for residents and tourists (i.e. light displays); disciplined and consistent messaging to reinforce a single city with multiple core areas/hubs; creating the conditions to support more people living downtown; and targeting core areas as the focus of higher density residential development

We plan for growth and make decisions and investments that encourage people to live and work in core areas

Leverage our creative assets

This includes: support the placemaking potential of arts, culture, heritage and events; and leveraging Cambridge’s central location and unique assets and features (i.e. tourism, Film Cambridge, recreation, architecture)

We provide cultural facilities, programs and events, and support and promote creative industries such as film and theatre

Create and activate spaces that offer things for people to do

This includes: creating intentional community hubs for residents to gather and mix in neighbourhoods, core areas, and green spaces; promoting and supporting spaces and events that attract diverse, multi-generational audiences; working with neighbourhood associations and community centres; and investigating creating pedestrian only areas and community gateways

We design, build and operate community spaces and implement programs and events

Enhance equity and inclusion efforts

This includes: embracing new residents and newcomers so they will choose to stay in Cambridge (e.g. Welcome Cambridge, cultural media outreach); building capacity to deliver initiatives and leadership opportunities that prioritize equity, diversity and inclusion; and delivering services that meet the needs of equity-seeking groups

We demonstrate and champion equity and inclusion through our actions, while serving all members of the community in an equitable way.

Lay the foundation for future community building

This includes: a growth management strategy that includes a vision for growth and considers future impacts to core services; planning for infrastructure needs, including the recreation complex project and sponsorship strategy; and preparing for the LRT (Phase 2 ION).

We develop clear, integrated plans to shape development activity with environmental, economic and social considerations in mind

Enhance opportunities to enjoy built and natural heritage

This includes: making rivers and parks more useable and accessible; addressing ongoing resources and maintenance requirements; increasing community participation in the ongoing care of our parks, natural spaces and environmental areas, and working with partners to improve and protect our natural heritage features

We preserve, maintain and program natural and built heritage assets

We will COLLABORATE on the following proposed actions

Action statement (What we will do)

Our Role (How we do this)

Decrease dependency on single occupancy vehicles

This includes: investing in green spaces and active transportation; preparing for the LRT and related development and vision for transit station areas; enhancing and connecting multi-use trails and other active transportation; investing in cycling infrastructure (Bike Your City); improving walkability in and between downtown and community hubs, including pedestrian friendly opportunities; and advocating and preparing for GO Transit

We plan responsibly for growth, support and facilitate local connections and infrastructure, and participate in regional advocacy for large-scale transit infrastructure

Enable small business to succeed

This includes: supporting small, local business (e.g. partner with BIAs) and work to strengthen the local economic ecosystem; offering learning and growth-readiness supports; supporting newcomer entrepreneurship and opportunities to leverage the skills and connections of new residents; and developing relationships and partnerships with post-secondary institutions and community training programs.

We deliver small business services through INVEST Cambridge and work with area BIAs, Chamber of Commerce, and regional partners to be responsive to needs

Encourage safe and healthy neighbourhoods

This includes: addressing safety concerns at the neighbourhood level (i.e. traffic safety) and creating and promoting intentional community hubs with unique personalities.

We establish and support neighbourhoods by delivering services and partnering with community organizations

Take meaningful action to combat climate change and prepare for emergencies

This includes: meeting existing commitments and targets established by Council (e.g. “80 by 50” target for reduction of greenhouse gases), maintaining innovative proactive asset management practices; promoting and expecting ‘green development’ as a demonstration of the city’s commitment to address climate change; and demonstrating leadership and cooperation in preparing our community for the effects of climate change or unexpected events.

We participate in Climate Action WR partnership and take meaningful actions at the municipal level to reduce GHG emissions and prepare for the future

Increase housing options

This includes enacting and creating innovative supports for attainable and affordable housing.

We create local conditions that make it possible for Regional and other partners to diversify and create the types of housing available in the City

Improve access to social supports

This includes partnering in order to provide supports outside of the City’s mandate and using the means at the City’s disposal to respond to homelessness, mental health and addictions to support our most vulnerable residents (e.g. advocacy, daytime recreation facilities, bylaw on foot, core area activation, small business supports, review outreach needs and supports).

We advocate for, communicate information about, and facilitate the establishment of social support services within Cambridge

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