Construction Update April 23, 2019

6 months ago
April 17  4

Construction continues this week, as crews set up the temporary watermain along King Street between Laurel Street and Argyle Street.

We want to remind everyone that King Street will remain open to one lane of traffic in each direction for the duration of construction, and on-street parking on King Street will not be permitted within the construction zone. A parking map is available here, identifying the locations of on-street parking and public parking lots surrounding King Street.

Progress to Date:

· A portion of the sidewalk has been removed

· Construction fencing has been installed

· Temporary watermain (blue pipe) is being set up to provide water to all buildings during construction

· King Street watermain has been disconnected from the watermains on Lowther Street and Church Street preparing for replacement of the King Street watermain.

Upcoming work over the next couple of weeks:

· The south side of the street will be connected to temporary water by next week, followed by the north side. This will result in a temporary water disruption during this transfer. Affected businesses and residents will be notified at least 48 hours in advance.

· Traffic will be shifted to the south side of the street (maintaining one lane of traffic in each direction).

· Begin asphalt removals on the north side of the street.

· All pedestrian areas will be restored with asphalt.