Feedback Survey - Draft Community Climate Adaptation Plan

The draft Community Climate Adaptation (CCA) Plan for Waterloo Region was developed with extensive input from local organizations and community members. We have done our best to ensure that what we've heard is reflected in the draft CCA Plan.

This survey is your opportunity to let us know what we got right and/or what may need improvement, before we finalize the CCA Plan and begin the implementation phase. It may take as little as five or 10 minutes, but reviewing some or all of the draft CCA Plan documents will take longer. This survey is open until Friday October 7, 2019.

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We want your feedback on the draft Community Climate Adaptation (CCA) Plan. The draft CCA Plan identifies 36 actions to be taken by organizations and/or community members across Waterloo Region to address the risks posed to the community by climate change and extreme weather. These 36 actions are organized under four themes, which we call impact areas. 1) Health and Community: focuses on helping people find information, access resources and help each other in ways that protect human health from extreme weather and temperatures. 2) Built Environment: focuses on identifying and sharing best practices to design, build/upgrade and manage homes, roads/bridges or other structures to reduce the impacts of climate change and extreme weather. 3) Natural Environment and Water: focuses on finding ways to better protect trees, natural areas, and water resources from the potential impacts of climate change. The natural environment also has a role to play in reducing certain impacts (e.g. green space can absorb water, reducing the risk of flooding). 4) Energy and Economy: focuses on reducing the impacts of power outages and other risks of extreme weather on local businesses and organizations.

For more information, see our draft CCA Plan documents:
  • Plan Overview - a short (11 page) summary of the draft CCA Plan
    • A simple list of all 36 adaptation actions - pages 1-5
  • Draft Community Climate Adaptation (CCA) Plan
    • Climate change science and impacts for Waterloo Region - pages 21-26 (Section 5)
    • All 36 adaptation actions in full detail - pages 41-107 (Part 2)
    • How the adaptation actions were identified- pages 35-38

Survey Questions

All questions are optional, you can skip any question you don't want to answer.

Does the draft Community Climate Adaptation Plan need any significant changes?
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