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What do you think about the new designs?

10 months ago

Referencing the design renderings found in the document library, what are your thoughts on the overall design of the expanded facility?  Do you find it to be a safe, welcoming and inclusive space?

Consultation has concluded

  • Jbg 7 months ago
    The lack of cubicle rooms in the mens is annoying - are you then pushing people to family one (that seems wrong).At times (the skating championship thing) the parking is crazy for non-event type people - what is being done thereBike access is ok, but not really connected to the rest of the system
  • kae 8 months ago
    I am really disappointed to see no transit stop on the drawings. I know the City is negotiating with GRT to provide transit, other than the often-touted "solution" of having people walk half a kilometre from Erb Street. Let's show we mean it by planning out the stop.I would like to see space carved out of the parking lot and reserved for a transit stop on the drawings. That would show the City is really serious about making the Centre accessible by transit to people. I am concerned about the number of aging people who currently drive their cars, but will probably lose their licenses due to aging or health issues. These folks can barely walk from their cars into the Rec Complex, but once there, they can use the pool to swim or exercise. To help these folks to transition to transit when they can no longer drive, we must plan for an easily accessible stop now. Even if that spot stays as car parking for several years, we will have anticipated it. Otherwise, it could mean costly removals of landscaping, curbs, walkways -- all of which would make it easy for us to say"we just can't afford to put a bus stop in, at this late date."
  • kae 8 months ago
    Unfortunately, I don't see any improvements in pedestrian access to the centre. I am happy that a path was paved over the ditch between the entrance off Father David Bauer Drive and the parking lot. And it gets shovelled during the winter. Great! But after that, people walking along Father David Bauer have to fight their way across the parking lot. The painted yellow diagonal lines get parked on and snow covered. Compared to the actual sidewalks which cross, say, the Waterloo Square Parking Lot, this doesn't feel like a safe solution. It doesn't encourage pedestrian users.
  • J.Larmer 8 months ago
    Please ensure that the second floor community room will have an acoustic design and high ceilings (minimum 14ft to match current ARC), suitable for band and orchestra rehearsals currently planned for the space
  • LNZ 9 months ago
    Positives: Addition of another walking track, new fitness rooms and the activity court. The proposed layout of the Community Pavilion looks more practial than the original one. Negatives: The route to the 2nd floor fitness area isn't obvious on the design renderings. The 'change rooms' in the new fitness area appear to just be glorified bathrooms, with no secured locker storage. Where are fitness participants supposed to put their belongings? Question: It would appear that the larger meeting room on the 2nd floor of the Pavilion is meant to used for groups that don't require banquet space. Is that intentional? If you do envision rentals that require food preparation, how would that be facilitated? There is no obvious route from the 1st floor kitchen to that space and no kitchenette facilities on the 2nd floor.
    • Admin Commented Mary Cathryn Lorentz 9 months ago
      There will be wayfinding signage through out the facility to help customers find the space they are going to. There are not change rooms with lockers in the new fitness core. However there will be cubby storage inside the exercise studio rooms itself where people can keep a gym bag and jacket. The Kitchen on the first floor of the community pavillion is designed for internal city food services to prepare food for our seniors lunch program as well as for other catering within the facility. It is not for rental for community use. If groups want to rent space within the community pavillion or any other part of the facility, catering can be provided by the City's food services team or other caterers. There will also be a coffee bar on the first floor of the community pavillion. Food can be transported from one floor to another via elevator (1 in community pavillion, 2 in existing WMRC).
  • ajakowpa 10 months ago
    I think the proposed plan has several positives, but, as a frequent user of the pool and the track, I do have some concerns:1. While the change room redesign makes sense to me (I've never seen the current men's change room anywhere near capacity), I don't believe the plans have done anything to address security. I have had my locker broken into twice in the past 4 years, even with the precautions that have been taken by forcing swimmers to enter the change room using the pool deck in the morning. I'm not claiming that I have a better suggestion, but, I would at least like to see that some thought was put into considering how to make the change rooms more secure.2. In my experience, public swims at City of Waterloo pools are much better run than the equivalent swims at City of Kitchener pools, but, the configuration of the swimplex pool is a bit of a joke. If I use a Kitchener pool, I can typically find a standard length (25m or 25yd) pool, however, at the Swimplex, the choices are both fairly non-standard (20m or 24yd). Morning lane swims are also crowded on a normal day, but, on days when 1/4 of the pool is reserved by a swim team or 1/2 of the pool is reserved by a combination of a swim team and swimming lessons, it makes training extremely difficult. I understand that there really isn't any way to improve the pool at the existing facility, however, I feel that for a $25M price tag, some consideration must be given to putting that money towards building a new aquatics facility to support the demand. I don't think its right that the city relies on a non-public facility (the YMCA) to provide facilities for their citizens. It has always boggled my mind that the City of Kitchener has 4 indoor pools while Waterloo only has one.3. From the drawings, I cannot tell if the change rooms in the exercise studio/walking track area are also intended to be for used for the existing track. Based on the drawings, it also does not appear that they have showers. I have only used the change rooms attached to the existing track once (I can't tell if they are still there in the new design). My impression was that they were dark and very much out of the way. I felt that they were much less secure than the swimming change rooms, which, as I mentioned above, are not very secure. Again, I would like to see the current plan show some consideration towards security. I also find it surprising that these new change rooms do not seem to include showers. Ideally, I would be able to use the track in the morning, have a shower and head straight to work. Based on the current policy where you're not allowed into the swimming change room without paying to swim, these plans do not seem provide runners with a place to shower.4. I'm slightly concerned that with the new track, people like me who use the track for training, but, are not affiliated with a club, may be left somewhere in limbo. I guess I'm afraid that over time this will make it become more difficult for the public to access the track.As I mentioned, I see a lot of positive things in the plan, and, I hope that doesn't get lost in the fact that I also have the concerns I listed above. This is a large project, and I totally understand that it will be impossible to 100% satisfy everyone.
  • Koddson 10 months ago
    Yes. A lot of work and thought has gone into the designs. It looks like a wonderful additional community space for Waterloo.
  • Judith 10 months ago
    The designs renderings look really good. Just a question, will the current walking track around the rink continue to be accessible?
    • Admin Commented Mary Cathryn Lorentz 10 months ago
      The existing sport track will continue to be accessible to the public. The new walking track will allow drop in use and offer an alternative to the sport track helping address the conflicts between users and track athletes in the use of the sport track. It will also provide an option during sport track closures that occur due to ticketed events.