June 2020 Project Update

30 Sep 2020

Bluebeam software transforms site plan review process!

The City’s Bluebeam pilot project was scaled up during the pandemic, resulting in more staff being trained to complete reviews using the software. Working remotely during the pandemic has resulted in a rapid transition to a digital working environment, which reduces time and costs and has eliminated the use of paper files.

Moving digital has created a time savings by eliminating the need to sort drawings, print memos, and circulate packages to commenting divisions in hardcopy format. Having the ability to review and comment directly on a digital submission saves time and effort by eliminating the old method of printing, redlining and scanning drawings. The quality of reviews has increased and review times are significantly reduced through the use of Bluebeam. It is estimated that the time it takes to complete a red-line review has been decreased by at least 50%. With the click of a button, all changes that have been made between drawing submissions are shown. This saves times and ensures that all new changes are identified quickly.

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