Why is the City undertaking this project?

    In 2014, the City completed reconstruction and streetscaping of Dickson Street between Wellington Street and Ainslie Street.  A similar streetscaping aesthetic will be followed for the lower block on this new project (from Water Street to Ainslie Street).  The City would like to gather feedback on matters that are most important to the community for the design of this street within the existing design guidelines.

    What is involved in the road reconstruction?

    Dickson Street is currently characterized by residential, ground floor commercial, office and institutional land uses. Integral to the project will be the transformation of the landscape to appropriately reflect the historical significance of the architecture within a pedestrian-friendly and aesthetically pleasing streetscape.

    What changes are proposed to the Dickson Street municipal parking lot?

    The municipal parking lot reconstruction will focus on creating a more modern and safe lot while maximizing the number of parking spaces. Two concepts for the parking lot reconstruction have been developed by the designer and we are looking for feedback on preference and which factors are most important to you.