How will this multi-use trail on the east side of Dundas Street connect with other cycling facilities?

    The proposed multi-use trail will connect with on road cycling facilities and sidewalks which are to be constructed on Dundas Street to the south as part of the same project.  To the north, the Region of Waterloo is proposing to construct active transportation facilities on Coronation Boulevard from Hespeler Road to Bishop Street.  The Region is also looking at potential connectivity of this multi use trail to downtown Galt.

    Who will be responsible for clearing snow from the multi-use trail?

    The City of Cambridge will complete all summer and winter maintenance activities required for the trail, including snow clearing.

    Will the posted speed be changed?

    No change to the posted speed limit of 40 km/hr is being considered at this time.  

    Will the location of the existing signalized crosswalk adjacent to Manchester Public School be changed?

    No change to the location of the existing signalized crosswalk is proposed at this time.

    Is any private property required for this project?

    Small parcels of property may need to be acquired at specific locations immediately behind the 3.0 metre multi use trail on the east side of Dundas Street to accommodate streetlight or hydro service poles.  Further investigations are required to confirm if any property acquisition will be required for these poles.  In the event that the Region will need to acquire a small parcel of property from an abutting property owner, the Region will contact the affected property owner to purchase the required small parcel of land.

    When will construction occur? Will there be detours?

    Construction is currently planned for 2023.  It is anticipated that the work can be completed while maintaining two way traffic on Dundas Street North.  However, there will be times when temporary delays to traffic may occur.