Will e-scooter rules apply to e-bikes?

    At this time, the project is focused on e-scooter permissions only. 

    However, the project team realizes that there is growing interest in certain types of e-bikes in our community and among rental companies (specifically traditional bikes with small electric motors known as “Pedelecs”)

    The MTO recently had a public feedback session on regulations for various types of e-bikes, which has now closed. 

    Depending on the comments we receive through this project and any updates we receive from the MTO on e-bikes, we may consider how e-scooter rules could apply to Pedelecs as well. However, our primary goal is understanding if/where the public wants e-scooters.

    The project team will not be considering any permissions for larger e-bikes (e.g., electric mopeds), which are currently prohibited on multi-use trails.

    The project team encourages you to share any comments you have about e-bikes in the open-ended questions of the survey.