Public engagement summary

As part of the initial engagement for the overall Laurel Greenway feasibility study project, a January 2021 public engagement period collected input from the public for various approaches to bring shade to the public square. Many excellent ideas and opinions were collected from the community through comments and survey responses. Some of the highlights of that input included:

  • a preference for smaller-sized shade elements throughout the square
  • a multi-season feature that supports the current uses of the square
  • desire for integrating natural materials
  • inclusion of trees and planting as a source of natural shade and to break up the extent of the concrete area

A summary of the input can be found in the document library.

While many people let us know during January's consultation about their preference for more trees and natural shade, the limited suitability of the public square for urban trees means that some sort of shade structure will also be needed. Additional planting spaces along King Street have been recommended to create a green edge to the square and expand on the existing street trees, and additional tree planting is also being considered within the square’s existing raised planters. At this point, we are looking for your thoughts on a shade structure, that will integrate natural materials.

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