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What thoughts, ideas or insight do you have about Waterloo's plan to expand action sport parks?

5 months ago

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  • Dan&Meg 3 months ago
    I don't use them....but I'm highly supportive. The concepts and designs can be up to the users (bikers, skateboards, etc). I just have feedback on amenities.. I would just like to see plenty of waste bins or garbage bins near by. Many cities don't supply these areas with enough garbage bins. That's when people start to litter. Everyone is usually really good about throwing out trash if they are close by... Not sure if there is any ideas for this... Many kids break skateboards when they are using these facilities... It would be good to have some kind of recycling bin or green way of reusing them.These don't need to be hidden if the intention is to make them beautiful. Many other areas embrace them
  • Shimin 3 months ago
    definitely add them to these locations. And put them in public view to prevent vandalism. As others have said: beginner to expert level areas; skateboards, bikes, scooters AND rollerskates/rollerblades; landscaped areas, and a shelter. Occasional supervision by Recreation dept program employees who know something about skate parks and how to communicate with people; not maintenance peopleThe major problem with the Kitchener Aud one is that it's hidden at back of the property. Look at the Esplanade skate park in Cairns Australia:'s illuminated for night use. I was there in 2017. Huge use.
  • Scott333 3 months ago
  • Bill Gurney 4 months ago
    Hope everyone had a great holiday time, and we hope everyone is excited for the upcoming Neighborhood Action Sport Parks the City is planning to develop -- I know we are!!
  • Tea_Lover 5 months ago
    Excellent idea. Would love to see spots that have both beginner to expert level areas so new users don't feel intimidated. Also, would be nice if the sport parks were designed with skateboards, bikes, scooters AND rollerskates/rollerblades in mind. This could help to get more girls/women involved in the sport parks.
  • Oles 5 months ago
    Hello, I've been skateboarding for over 7-8 years now. I'm 15yrs old and my friends and I love to skateboard but a problem that comes across us is that the skateparks are too far away from were we live. We can't go skateboarding often due to how far is it and I believe Waterloo Public Library - John M. Harper Branch, 500 Fischer-Hallman Rd N, Waterloo, ON N2L 0B1 would be a good location for a new park because the community around that area skateboards and bikes a lot and is close to kids .. also for the new park , skaters like to skate not to easy but not to hard terrain but also we need some hard obstacles like downledges, downrails and stairs to achieve are goals and progress . I see a lot of comments on how the skatepark should be more for beginners but then how do people progress? I've been skateboarding at the Father David Baeur skatepark , the one near the Aud and they are more for beginners and beginners could go there. Besides Down rails , Downledges and stairs, we also like small ledges (curved) places to ollie then manual (funboxes ) and alooooooot of small quarter pipes.. The one thing missing from Father David Bauer skatepark is a small bowl. Fischer skateparks bowl is too crazy and steep and The Aud's bowl is too small and childish .. Anways .. if you read this far Thank you and please consider this request
  • Cwray 5 months ago
    Tell the people at New Line to take other riders ideas, not just skateboards. They’ve screwed up both the new Kitchener parks. They are to much oriented for skateboards, almost nothing for bikes
  • guything15 4 months ago
    My suggestion is for Rim park because it has the most land to work with and its an easy commute:) I really like the idea of a beginner area and a pro area but if you are going to do that please make sure that both areas have an area were people can practice tail whipping or bar spinning off of a jump like the rec center's main area. I ride scooter and I'm very worried that I might get in somebody's way while I'm not riding .So it would be nice to have a path around the outside of the park so when people are not riding then then wont be in the way, standing at the top of a quarter pipe or other ramps or rails. I would like it very much if the skate park could be indoors. I think you could be reasonable with charging people to ride... if its indoor. and with that in mind you could also set up passes that people could buy. Maybe $250 for the pass to ride for free when ever and $5 to ride if you don't have the pass. But I do like the idea for a separate area for scooters. I have asked around and people seem to like the idea of a pump track around the outside of the park then the area for people to stand/sit (with something for shade if outside) on could be around that.
  • Admin Commented Karen Anderson 4 months ago
    Oles, thanks for this valuable info! Will definitely help us design better!
  • Oles 5 months ago
    By the way.. for the 3 areas you selected.. are you making 3 different skateparks or are you going to take a vote for one of the areas?
    • Admin Commented Karen Anderson 5 months ago
      Although we are planning all 3 sites in this project we will need to determine the timing to implement each site. We will need to prioritize the locations for construction timing. We haven't determined the priorities yet and community input will be one factor considered, as well as neighbourhood need, site logistics, cost & size of each location. We will keep the community informed as this prioritization evolves! Thank you for raising this important question.
  • Elisabeth 5 months ago
    We definitely need these areas for our youth and families. I would like to see more biking areas as well as levels for beginner to more advanced.
  • GetOffMyLawn 5 months ago
    What is the budget for this project?
    • Admin Commented Karen Anderson 5 months ago
      Our project construction budget is still being developed and will be part of the 2019 Budget that will be presented to the new City of Waterloo Council. The budget planning will be based upon community feedback and reflect the unique needs for each of the park sites. We expect to provide Park concept designs and budget needs in late winter 2019.
  • WaterlooFamily226 5 months ago
    Fantastic way to engage youth in active, safe activities!!!!