Where is Idlewood Greenway?

Thank you for all your feedback about this project so far.

We heard there is a lot of confusion about the location of the proposed underground stormwater facility. We also heard that many people in the neighbourhood do not know this green space as "Idlewood Greenway". In fact some people told us they did not know this area had a name at all.

In response to your comments and questions, we made some changes to this page to help clarify.

Last week, we made these updates:

  • Removed the words “park”, “pond” and “amenities” from the survey
  • Changed other wording to refer to this location as a greenway, green space, or open space – not a park

This week we also:

We are also going to find some more ways to make sure we inform community members and they have a chance to answer the survey. Please subscribe for email updates by using the Subscribe button

If you have any questions , please reach out to Bart Mazan, Project Manager, at bart.mazan@kitchener.ca or 519-503-1641.

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