What is Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities?

    Founded in 2005, Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities helps children overcome financial and accessibility barriers to sport and recreation to provide inclusive play for kids of all abilities.

    Through Jumpstart’s commitment to inclusive play, with generous support from local Canadian Tire dealers, municipalities across Canada are partnering with Jumpstart to build inclusive playgrounds, sport courts and other sport infrastructure across Canada. 

    To date six sport courts have been built across Canada with more in the planning stages.

    How were the three potential court sites chosen?

    The three possible locations for the new court were determined considering the Jumpstart program requirements including:

    1) Size

    • Is there room for the court? (120’ x 140’ minimum)

     2) Site conditions

    • Is the area flat?
    • Well drained?
    • Compatible with existing park use(s)?
    • Is there lighting potential?

     3) Accessibility 

    • Are accessible washrooms nearby?
    • Is parking available?
    • Are pathway connections available or possible?

     All three sites will require site works to integrate the new court into the existing park landscape. 


    What is an inclusive multi sport court?

    Jumpstart’s Multi Sport Courts typically feature:

    • high contrast acrylic court surfacing for barrier-free access and comfortable play
    • fixed and adjustable equipment
    • LED lighting
    • shade canopies
    • accessible bleachers and double-wide player bench areas
    • sport court lines to welcome a variety of sports/ para sports including: 
    • pickleball,
    • volleyball, 
    • sitting volleyball, 
    • wheelchair tennis 
    • basketball
    • areas for unstructured play

    Inclusive Jumpstart Multi Sport Court located in Thompson, Manitoba


    How was the final site location determined?

    Survey results and feedback from residents and stakeholders participating in Public Information Session#1 were compiled and assessed. 55% of respondents indicated that the preferred location for the Jumpstart Inclusive Multi Sport Court was at Hespeler Optimist Park. Lions Can- Amera Park was the second preferred location with 23% and Churchill Park ranked third with 22%.

    The Cambridge Accessibility Advisory Committee and Jumpstart representatives also preferred the Hespeler site location.

    Other factors such as estimated lower overall capital costs, high visibility, anticipated use within the community and  programming opportunities at a staffed year- round facility were considered.

    Operational costs with regard to maintenance, expected vandalism/response and general facility oversight are also expected to be more easily addressed at this location.