December Meeting

10 Dec 2019

The strategy for this meeting is to have task force members start thinking about the specific working groups they would like to be a part of as this work develops and continues. The broad categories for the working groups have been created from the overall mandate for the task force along with the input generated by task force members in the brainstorming session at the October meeting.

The setup for this meeting will be different from the previous two meetings.

· During this meeting there will be two rounds of table sessions and members will be invited to freely circulate around the room during each of these sessions and visit as many of the eight tables as they choose, based on interest, experience and/or expertise.

· One City of Kitchener staff member will be stationed at each of the eight tables, each one representing a priority topic for the task force.

· At each table, an outline of the topic will be provided along with examples and best practices from the work of other cities/regions.

· Participants will be invited to engage in discussion at any of the tables with the intention of generating more ideas, expanding on existing ideas, and thinking about some of the following questions:

o What would we like to accomplish with this working group?

o What are the objectives and goals for this topic?

o What kind of community or staff engagement might be needed?

o How can we best go about doing this work?

o What is possible?

· The graphic included in the attached agenda (in the "document library" to the right) provides a visual illustration of each of the working group topics for the meeting

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