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MARCH 2020 Task Force Meeting

12 Mar 2020

Hello Task Force members,

The focus for the upcoming meeting on March 17th, 2020 is to discuss and verify ideas related to a draft community engagement plan to accompany the work of the task force over the next several months. Task Force members will have an opportunity to review four themes related to community engagement and provide input on each topic. Michael May will provide a brief presentation on the Task Force mandate and outline overarching themes identified in the community engagement plan at the beginning of the meeting. To view the full meeting agenda, click on the document library to the right of the screen.

Facilitation format:

· During this meeting there will be two rounds of facilitated table sessions focused on community engagement and members will be invited to select a topic area to get started. Members will also be invited move to freely circulate around the room during each of these sessions and visit as many of the eight tables as they choose, based on interest, experience and/or expertise.

· One City of Kitchener staff member will be stationed at each of the eight tables, each one representing a priority topic for the community engagement strategy for the task force.

· At each table, an outline of the topic will be provided by the facilitator and the group will work through a series of discussion points.

Topic areas include:

1. Crucial conversations – discuss ideas for people to provide input on specific issues in a public forum for the following topics: anti-indigenous racism, anti-black racism, islamophobia, transphobia and anti-Semitism.

2. Community connections – identify opportunities for people to engage in discussion by going to where they are already spending time and may feel more comfortable sharing feedback.

3. Community-led engagement – discuss opportunities for individuals and groups to take a leadership role in the work of the Task Force through a pilot program with financial support to assist with planning and leading community-led engagement projects.

4. Other - discuss and brainstorm other opportunities for people to provide input to the Task Force.

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