May 5, 2022 Presentation and Creek Walk Summary

On May 5, 2022, we hosted a Creek Walk and Info Night for the Montgomery Creek Restoration project. Thanks to everyone who joined the walk and the presentation afterward. And thanks for your great questions!

We've added the questions asked to the Montgomery Creek Restoration FAQ page.

You can also visit the document library to access the Info Night slide show presentation.

A group of 30 people and a dog standing on a trail in a park, seen from behind

Info Night Highlights

  • Stantec showed how wide the new floodplain will be. The widest edge will go just beyond the furthest edge of the path that runs alongside the current creek channel. They described the riffles and pools that the new construction will create. They also pointed out an improvement to prevent erosion where stormwater enters the creek.
  • Construction company R&M specializes in creek restorations. While fish are spawning during May and June, R&M will complete work outside the creek. They will rescue all the creek fish in early July and then start with in-creek construction.
  • Reep Green Solutions can help you soak up rainwater to protect Montgomery Creek through the Rain Smart Neighbourhoods program.

Neighbourhood Planting Day in September 2022

  • We invite you to join Reep in planting native plants, shrubs or trees along Montgomery Creek in September 2022. Watch the Montgomery Creek Restoration Engage page for details.

Bringing Back Nature

  • We will plant 700 native trees and 4000 native shrubs along this creek segment at the end of construction.
  • Reep Green Solutions shared these native plant species and wildlife posters to show some of the species who will call the restored Montgomery Creek home

Reep Green Solutions poster titled Bringing Back Native Plants. The poster shows photos of 10 species that are native to Ontario

Reep Green Solutions poster titled Welcoming Back Wildlife. The poster shows 10 photos of bird, amphibian, reptile, fish and mammal species likely to return to the creek after construction.

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This project is now complete and the creek is restored. For more information about stormwater initiatives, please visit 

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