How old is Otis?

    Otis is 12 years old. 

    When did Otis first come to Victoria Park?

    City staff purchased Otis and brought him and his previous mate to Victoria Park in 2009. They were 2 years old at the time.

    What happened to his previous mate?

    His previous mate passed away in 2012 from a parasite called schistosome, which caused brain inflammation. Staff believe she picked it up from a snail in the lake. 

    How long has Otis been on his own?

    Otis has been on his own since 2012 when his previous mate passed.

    How old is Otis's new companion?

    Staff aren't sure of exact age, but she's between the age of 3-4 years old. 

    Where did Otis's new companion come from?

    She came from Stratford.

    How did Otis meet his new companion?

    Otis met his new companion while on vacation in Stratford for the winter. He goes to Stratford every winter to stay in an indoor facility where he (and all of Stratford's swans) have access to water and food.

    When did Otis come back from vacation in Stratford?

    Otis was brought back to Victoria Park on Friday, April 5. 

    What other fun facts do you have about Otis?

    1. Otis's real name is Snow and his previous mate's name was Snowy (nicknamed Matilda). Otis is his nickname, which he's known as to the community.
    2. Otis is blind in one eye.