June 2022 Council decision

Council decision: On June 27, Council approved report IPPW2022-013, and directed staff to advance a paid on-street parking program in Northdale, subject to further investigation and future budget deliberations, as follows:

  1. That funding in the amount of $12,500 be approved from Council’s Community Priority and Contingency Reserve to paint on-street parking space lines in Northdale in 2022, recognizing that work may not commence until 2023.
  2. That Council direct staff to request biannual funding to repaint on-street parking space lines through future budget processes.
  3. That Council direct staff to implement on-street 15 minute loading zones in Northdale in 2022-2023.
  4. That Council direct staff to further investigate alternatives to pay-and-display machines to support those who cannot use an app to pay for parking and provide further recommendations to Council at a later date in advance of the next three-year budget process.

Council further directed staff to monitor on-street parking conditions in Northdale as the paid on-street parking program rolls out and as development progresses. Council affirms existing policies around parking management, which require all property owners to meet their regular parking needs on their own properties rather than relying on public roadways, Council acknowledged concerns raised about limited intercity travel for commuters by supporting the Region of Waterloo in their advocacy to the province on the urgency of developing robust intercity public transportation options, which would facilitate the travel of students living out-of-town to area post-secondary campuses without the use of a car.

Please refer to the minutes (p.164) for an official record of the meeting and council decision.

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