What types of trips will this service provide? Will there be restrictions on who can use it?

    No, there won’t be any restrictions on who can use the service or for what purpose. We’ve heard that with recent growth in the community, demand for transit in Breslau is high: some people in the community feel disconnected from other parts of the Region, and there’s strong support from those we’ve heard from for the introduction of transit options to help those who don’t drive in particular. To support Breslau’s unique needs, we know we need to ensure this service is useful to as many people as possible.

    Will this service help me get to work or school?

    While the pandemic has affected when and how often people are travelling, many businesses and schools still have a demand for a wider variety of transportation options for students, employees, and customers. Many participants have mentioned the need for service during evenings and on weekends, with attention paid to the start and end times of shift work and the school day. We will take this feedback into account as we begin to identify service details.

    On-demand transit seems targeted to younger people with better command of technology. Will this service be useful to people without smartphones?

    While the service will likely be driven by an application to maximize efficiency, alternate options will be provided in the form of booking via web browser and/or call-in options. Every effort will be made to provide access to the service for those who want it.

    I’m not comfortable using public transit now – will this service be launched during the pandemic?

    Many are concerned about using public transit during the pandemic, although transit services continue to provide our Region with an essential service that many continue to rely upon. However, we won’t launch this pilot service until we’re confident it’s the right time – when it has the highest possible chance of succeeding in moving people to and from Breslau.