1) What measures will be in place to maintain traffic flow during construction, including access to subdivisions and commercial plazas?

    Ottawa Street will require lane closures for the installation of underground sewer pipes, watermains and road construction.   It is expected that a single lane of traffic will be maintained in each direction during each construction stage.   Access to all residential and commercial properties will be maintained throughout construction.  There will be multiple points of access to all subdivisions and commercial plazas and at the very least a minimum of one access will remain open and in use at all times.

    Motorists will be advised of the construction timing and traffic restrictions through advance signage and through information on the Region’s web site.  Also, pedestrian access will be maintained at all times during construction.  

    2) What features will be included in the proposed design to protect users of the multi-use trail from vehicles entering and exiting residences/ businesses?

    Much of the protection will come in the form of line painting on the trail.  The markings on the trail will indicate to pedestrians and cyclists that they are crossing a driveway. It will be clear to them to be alert for vehicles crossing.  At the same time, the markings for drivers crossing the trail will clearly indicate that they are crossing a trail, and should be looking out for cyclists and pedestrians.  The sketch below is an example of what is being implemented on Ottawa Street west of this project.

    Title: Map - Description: This is a map showing a portion of the project scope

    3) How will the multi-use trail be divided among pedestrians and cyclists?

    The three metre wide multi-use trail will have a solid yellow stripe along the center to separate east and west travel.  Faster moving cyclists or joggers would be expected to pass slower moving walking pedestrians.  It is not proposed to have a dedicated section for cyclists or pedestrians.  Detail below is an example of line painting for the proposed multi-use trail.

    Title: Image - Description: This is an image showing the multi-use trail

    4) What is this project going to cost?

    Based on preliminary cost estimates, construction is estimated to be $3,000,000.

    5) How will the multi-use trail cross Fischer-Hallman Road and other intersections?

    The multi-use trail will tie into proposed crosswalks at signalized intersections at Fischer-Hallman Road, international Place and the entrance to the Sunrise Center Plaza.  

    6) What is the reason the westbound right turn lane at International Place has been removed from the proposed design?

    Based on turning movement counts, traffic volumes making right turns at this intersection does not warrant a dedicated lane for this movement.  

    7) Who will be responsible for snow removal on the multi-use trail during winter months?

    Kitchener operations staff will provide winter maintenance on any new multi-use trail installed as part of this project.  Snow clearing on multi-use trails may not always be to the full width of the multi-use trail due to equipment limitations.

    8) How wide is the proposed multi-use trail? Does this provide sufficient space to maintain social distancing measures?

    The proposed multi-use trail is three metres wide.  This width will provide enough space to maintain social distancing measures.

    9) What are the proposed multi-use trails planned to connect to?

    Proposed multi-use trails will provide connections to existing multi-use trails on Ottawa Street from International Place to Trussler Road west of the project. They will also provide connection to future multi-use trails on Ottawa Street from Fischer-Hallman Road to Strasburg Road, east of the project.

    10) Is there proposed improvement to the traffic signals?

    Yes, project design includes modifications to the existing traffic signals to meet current Region standards. These modifications will include installation of detectable warning places to facilitate barrier-free access at all sidewalk ramp and road crossing locations.

    11) Is there any plan to improve street lighting as part of the project?

    Yes, existing street lighting within the project limits will be reviewed to ensure it meets current Region standards. The result of this review will include addition of new lighting and in-fills on existing utility poles to improve illumination as required.

    12) Is there opportunity for traffic calming to be included in the project?

    Several median islands are located within the project limits which provide traffic calming.

    13) Will the proposed multi-use trail increase difficulty to enter and exit my driveway?

    With regards to turning radius or sight lines, the proposed multi-use trail will not create additional challenges to enter or exit residential driveways. Motorists  will be required to check for pedestrians and cyclists prior to entering or exiting driveways.  For motorists, the responsibility will be similar as the existing condition to check for pedestrians using the sidewalk or cyclists using the bike lane.

    14) Will the proposed design include any street trees?

    The proposed design does not include any street trees.  The primary reason is because no existing trees are proposed to be removed as part of the project.  Also, the proposed boulevard between Ottawa Street and the multi-use trail does not provide sufficient width for street trees to flourish.