Why was I invited to participate?

    The participants invited for this initial phase of consultation were chosen based on their commitment to civic engagement and their expertise in certain topics through their work on City advisory committees or other organizations.

    Why hasn't every committee or group invited to participate?

    This project is still in the early stages of pre-planning and this engagement is just the first round of consultation. The goal at this time is to gather an initial set of ideas that can be presented to council as potential visions for areas of the city. Once Council endorses staff to continue forward, more engagement will occur. 

    Is there a budget for these placemaking projects?

    At this time no budget has been set. This is a visioning exercise to help identify what could be possible and what the community needs. Information gathered through this engagement will help inform Council's decision on what money will be assigned to this project. 

    Will Council and the City actually use these ideas?

    The direction to begin work on placemaking in Cambridge was given by City Council to staff. Council has indicated their interest in seeing this happen in the city and are looking forward to seeing your ideas. All ideas submitted will be included in the report to council.

    At this stage in the project, no criteria or budget constraints have been established for determining which projects go forward. Regardless of which are chosen, all ideas will be reviewed and considered. 

    I have more ideas, how can I share them?

    To submit further ideas you can submit another online entry through the visioning exercise while it remains open or contact your City staff liaison. 

    Are professionals being consulted?

    Not at this time. For this first phase of engagement, staff are focused on getting direct feedback from the committees and groups who work with the city. We want to hear from you first. We know that you are engaged and civic-minded citizens, which places you in an ideal position to provide your insight for placemaking in Cambridge. 

    Further engagement occurring in future stages may include professional consultants.