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Local Lacrosse

by Dan&Meg , about 1 month ago

I always enjoyed playing lacrosse in KW as a kid...Both indoor and outdoor. Now as an adult I have learned to appreciate how nice some of the facilities are! Please continue to develop arenas and include well kept green space/playgrounds in close proximity. Eye sight from parking lots is key. I have a quick little story below:As a child it was great to pass time on local playgrounds and green spaces near our arenas. This was especially convenient during tournaments... where we would often have a few hours between games.Now as an adult and a coach....I still look forward to arenas with these features! Not because I use them... But because my self and other parents can keep an eye on the kids without leaving the parking lot. We can BBQ, mingle, do parent stuff.This ALSO gives us time to escape 20 children screaming at the top of their lungs and doing the floss.... and flipping water bottles.......Sometimes they're gone long enough for dad to sneak a nice cold beer..... waaater....Cheers.

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