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  • Heritage Salvage Plan

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    The plan was completed by a firm that specializes in heritage conservation. Their heritage team reviewed the building to create a historic record and provided direction as to which items should be saved for historical significance, this included:

    • Entry fountain
    • Entry door
    • Lobby fireplace
    • Select millwork, doors

    As well, the demolition contractor, with experience in cultural heritage demolition, also retrieved stonework around the fireplace, window trim, the bannisters from the main lobby staircase, stone wall, pilaster at the front entrance, and mosaic tile.

    The tower was not part of the original structure – it was a replica constructed around 1999.

    This is a private property and the owner owns these elements. However, the City will be working with the owner to find options to preserve these pieces.

    Read the Documentation and Salvage Plan.