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Thank you to everyone who took the time to answer our survey this summer. We received lots of great questions through the survey, which we have now responded to in the FAQ on the right-hand side of the page. We've also listed all your questions and our answers below. Do you have any follow up questions? Please reach out to the project managers, Rebecca Roy and Samantha Brickman.

Questions about project construction

What changes to the park are being proposed? What amenities are being considered? How extensive will the reconstruction be? What is the budget for this project?

The City of Kitchener is excited to add new park amenities and stormwater management at Prospect Park. With public input, we will be exploring concepts that may include new play structures, areas to enjoy nature, improving existing trails and park features, exercise equipment, sports fields etc. We’re also improving the resilience of the park against the growing impacts of climate change. Stormwater management will allow the area to better collect stormwater runoff caused by events such as heavy rainfall and snow melt. This will help to reduce the risk of flooding and ensure safety of the community. The total budget for this project is $3.65M.

What area of the park is being reconstructed? Does it go up to the houses that border the park? Will those houses lose any privacy?

Reconstruction and park improvements will occur in the south end of the park. Setback limits will be followed to allow for appropriate space between the park and properties boarding the park. As we make park improvements, care and consideration for these properties will take place and should not cause any privacy issues.

What is the plan for stormwater management? Is any re-grading planned? What will it be (e.g., pond, pump house)? Where will it be located?

We will be exploring options for stormwater management in this park based on public input, our Stormwater Master Plan, and our consultant’s recommendations. This information will be public in the second stage of this engagement.

Will there be a danger of open water for those at-risk of drowning?

If a stormwater pond is constructed for stormwater management in this park, we will apply the same practices as city wide community stormwater facilities. These follow the highest provincial defense standards (fence, signage, and design systems) to protect residents and their safety.

Why is there a sudden need to reconstruct the park? Why can’t it stay the same?

The City of Kitchener is one the fastest-growing cities in Canada. With this growth, there is an essential need to improve the current services and facilities for its community. To improve the growing impacts of climate change and flooding, stormwater management is needed in key areas of the city.

This initiative is made possible by the Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund (DMAF) in partnership with the Government of Canada.

How long will the construction take? How long will the park be unavailable during construction? When will the construction be finished?

The length of the construction period will be determined during design phase. It depends on how complicated the project is. There may be an opportunity to phase the work so that residents have access to certain parts of the park while construction is ongoing, but that is yet to be determined.

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Questions about the impact of project on nature

Will you be removing any trees? If yes, will you plant more trees to replace those?

The project will involve new landscaping and plantings. Some mature trees will be removed, but more trees will be planted to restore this.

Will any wildlife in park be threatened by the reconstruction?

Construction may cause disturbances in the park area. When reconstruction is complete, the park will provide a larger natural habitat for wildlife to reside.

How will the natural areas in the park be impacted by the stormwater management facility?

Construction may impact natural areas in the park, some mature trees and bush may need to be removed or trimmed to accommodate the new facility. New plantings will be added to the park through the construction activities. We will provide a public planting plan in the future for review and input.

Questions about community engagement with the project

Who is being consulted?

Due to COVID 19, we have opened public participation through our online Engage platform and are consulting with the project’s stakeholders. This includes community members, community leaders, as well as other public participants.

How will we be informed about the proposed changes? Will we get to see the draft plans before construction starts?

Yes. By subscribing to this Engage page, you can stay up to date on the project plans and status of Prospect Park.

How are decisions being made? How much say do we have about the park? How do I get ___ added to the park?

The City of Kitchener believes Parks are part of the fabric of an inclusive and vibrant community. We want to know what residents do, and how they want to feel when they visit these parks.

Public input into our parks design is greatly considered in all stages of consultation. Decisions will be made based on majority of public opinion. However, due to regulations, budget, and resourcing limits, not all input can be implemented into the design.

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