How we will engage community members

Through meaningful conversations and co-learning, community members will have an opportunity to share their perspectives, consider new ideas and explore a few approaches for the statue. By participating in this process, community members will build knowledge and new relationships while contributing to a critically important decision-making process.

A summary of our engagement approach is outlined below.

“Ask Jay Anything” Instagram Live session

This one-hour session is an opportunity to get to know our award-winning placemaking consultant a bit better. Community members will have an opportunity to prepare questions related to the Queen Victoria statue or Jay’s larger placemaking portfolio and she will answer in real time. We welcome all questions that will contribute to an equitable, productive and compassionate process. Submit a question

Witnessing Circle

The witnessing circle is a community engagement process and ritual, developed by Jay Pitter Placemaking. The intent of the engagement is to create a space for community members to explore complex, oftentimes painful, place-based histories and contemporary occurrences. The Queen Victoria statue witnessing circle will provide community members with an important opportunity to hear perspectives from a small group of individuals from affected groups. After deeply listening and witnessing, everyone will have the opportunity to share their feelings, new lessons and individual perspectives related to the statue. This engagement will establish the foundation for the co-learning, collaboration and compassion required for navigating this complex process. Register now

Placemaking Options Presentation and Engagement

Jay Pitter Placemaking will present three potential options predicated on community engagement feedback, research and practice precedents. Community members will have an opportunity to provide feedback to all three options, which will inform recommendations that will be highlighted in a staff report to guide the future of the statue. Register now

Community Conversation Tables

Jay Pitter Placemaking will develop a simple community conversation guide unpacking the three potential placemaking options related to the Queen Victoria statue. Community partners representing a wide range of stakeholder groups will have the opportunity to use the guide to host small conversations at various locations across Kitchener. This additional, hyper-local layer of engagement will provide increased opportunities for community members to participate in the process in comfortable and familiar spaces. To be notified when this engagement is taking place, use the 'Subscribe' button on this page.

Sharing Online

Read about potential placemaking options related to the Queen Victoria statue, then share your thoughts with us online. To be notified when you are able to contribute online, use the 'Subscribe' button on this page.

Closing Circle and Evaluation

This final closing circle, led by Jay Pitter Placemaking, will include the launch of a public education guide, comprised of key principles, precedents and lessons learned throughout the process. This guide will support ongoing equitable and productive conversations pertaining to this and similar sites within and beyond the City of Kitchener. Also, there will be an in-person and online evaluation of the process. Register now

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