The Recommended Approach to Growth and Draft Policies

Staff have developed and published a draft Regional Official Plan Amendment, which includes a recommended approach to growth for the Region and draft policies.

The recommended approach to growth is ambitious, achievable, and responsible. It achieves our community building objectives via four key features:

  • Best advances the community’s key priorities outlined in our strategic plan
  • Prioritizes intensification to retrofit existing neighbourhoods into 15-minute neighbourhoods
  • Targets community area expansions to enable urban areas in the Townships to become 15-minute neighbourhoods with a full range of housing types
  • Builds on a strong employment base

The Recommended Approach to Growth (PDL-22-20) best positions Waterloo Region to achieve its vision for an inclusive, thriving, and sustainable region of connected rural and urban communities with global reach, fostering opportunities for current and future generations. This is achieved by delivering strategic growth that supports critical community building and climate change objectives, while also meeting Provincial obligations to accommodate forecasted population and jobs to a 2051 planning horizon. UPDATE - Please note that PDL-CPL-22-20, including all appendices are now available in the Document Library, to the right.

The accompanying policies in the draft amendment (PDL-22-21) reflect the Region’s strong commitment to inclusivity, thriving communities, and sustainability. The draft amendment shows Waterloo Region’s leadership on climate action and equity through policies aligned to enable the community’s transformation into an equitable, prosperous, resilient low-carbon community over the next 30 years.

Together, the Recommended Approach to Growth and these draft policies will have a significant influence over how our community will transition into an inclusive, thriving, and sustainable Waterloo Region, both within existing and future neighbourhoods, and for current and future residents.

Regional Council will be presented recommendation reports on Wednesday, June 29th beginning at 1:00PM.

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Future updates will provide additional information on public information meetings on the Draft ROP Amendment. Save the dates in your calendar:

  • Wednesday, July 6th (6:00PM – 7:30PM) – Virtual Public Information Meeting – Register Here
  • Wednesday, July 13th (2PM-4PM & 6PM-8PM) In-person Public Information Meetings (Location to be announced)
  • Thursday, July 14th (6:00PM – 7:30PM) – Virtual Public Information Meeting – Register Here
  • Tuesday, July 19th (2PM-4PM & 6PM-8PM) – Statutory Public Open House (150 Frederick St, Kitchener)

Wednesday, July 27th (3:00PM) Virtual Statutory Public Meeting

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