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A New Vision for Cambridge

by Vincent Benjamin, 27 May 2019

I have been a resident of Cambridge now for over 15 years and during this time very little has happened to the city as a whole. Some talk about the Digital Library and some go on about the Pedestrian Bridge. I see both of these as nothing to get excited about at all. Living in Toronto prior to moving to Cambridge this city acts like a small town with small ideas, hence I am not impressed what so ever.

What is missing is a Grand Vision!

It is as if the City of Cambridge and the Region of Waterloo has been keeping down the City of Cambridge to this third rate small town and will not allow the city to grow the city it should be.

With that let me describe a Vision of Change.

1. Homelessness in Cambridge has been a constant problem which has caused more Crime in this city yet no one wants to address the problem. I live near the Downtown of Galt but "will not" shop in this area due to the run-down nature of the area plus all the Homelessness around the area. The Cambridge Times is constantly highlighting the various crimes. This is sickening!

2. Crime. For such a small city I am surprised how much crime this city really has. I understand the crime rate in Toronto but not in such a small town as Cambridge. Does anyone care at all!

So find a home and hope for the Homeless and the Crime will decrease. 

Action Plan for the Homelessness.

a) Remove the Bridges Homeless Shelter. This only attracts Crime and Drugs

b) People who are Homelessness need positive reinforcement so putting all the Homeless in a Shelter does not work at all, as you can see from the Bridges.  They need Education such as High School and College, Students Grants, & Student Loans and a Life Councilor to guide them along the way.

3. Despite what others have to say. The City of Cambridge really needs a GO TRAIN. I use to work in Toronto and drove back and forth from Toronto to Cambridge for 15 years. The driving was "Hell'. On a good day, it would take me an hour and a half, on a bad day over 2 hours. A GO Train would have solved that problem. A GO Train would attract investment to the City of Cambridge, more developers would be willing to build here as well. Yet all of this activity goes to Kitchener and Waterloo, Why?

4. The Downtowns of Galt, Preston, and Hespeler is something of a barren wasteland of empty abandoned stores, and over my tenor here nothing much has changed. It is as if the Regional and City Government could not be bothered doing anything constructive about these glaring problems. Here are the Urban Planners and Grand Design for the city. Where is the Action Plans? It seems no one cares. I do not see little benefit for this LRT for Cambridge yet Cambridge has to pay part of the cost. This does not make any sense at all.

Now are we going to keep talking about these glaring problems or are the Region of Waterloo and the City of Cambridge go to embrace a vision of growth for the City of Cambridge? 

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