Virtual Public Information Centre 1: City of Kitchener Integrated Sanitary Master Plan

CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.
Please share your feedback on this project. Watch the presentation, then answer these three questions. Additionally, please take a few seconds to answer our 'Quick Poll' on the right hand side of this page, to tell us what format you prefer for future PICs for the Integrated Sanitary Master Plan. This forum will close on August 8, 2022.

1. What are some of the key issues important to you that we should take into account during this study?

2. We recognize there is a problem to solve and an opportunity here. The City of Kitchener has a sanitary sewer infrastructure to manage for future generations. Population growth in the city will cause strain on aging infrastructure. It may also create the need for new infrastructure. This project will review the sanitary sewers and pumping stations, and then identify solutions By doing this, we can provide a reliable and sustainable sanitary servicing system now and in the future.   

Do you agree with this problem and opportunity statement? Are there any other considerations you feel we should include?

3. We will assess alternative solutions in different ways. We will consider the social, economic and environmental effects of each solution. We will also look at technical and financial considerations. 

After watching the presentation, do you agree with the evaluation criteria? Are there any other criteria that we should consider?
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