Introduction and Precondition Survey

We have awarded J. Weber Contracting the contract for reconstruction work on Second Avenue (Connaught Street to Kingsway Drive). Construction is scheduled to start on/or about April 3, 2023 with an anticipated completion on/or about August 31, 2023.

The City of Kitchener has retained an Engineering Consultant to act as Project Manager for this project and they should be your first point of contact should you have any questions, concerns or require special access to your residence during construction. Their contact information can be found in the contact list provided at the end of this letter. However, as the City Project Manager Licinio Costa remains a key point of contact; contact information has been provided in the contact list. A Construction Inspector will be on site daily while the contractor is working. Should you have any questions or concerns while the work is in progress, the Construction Inspector can be identified by the white hardhat and can be approached at any time or contacted using the number provided in the contact list. Should you experience an after-hours emergency, please contact the 24 hour Contact Centre at 519-741-2345.

The Contractor will start the project with the setup of their temporary watermain and by completing the pre-condition survey.

Pre-Condition Survey of Structures

On heavy construction projects, it is the City of Kitchener’s standard practice to offer to inspect any buildings that might be affected by construction activities before construction starts. If during or after construction residents/tenants experience any concerns with their property, the information from the pre-construction survey will prove very helpful in quickly and accurately resolving any claims, should they arise.

The pre-condition survey will be conducted by Oza Inspection Limited and if they haven’t already, they will be contacting you within the next few days to arrange for this survey. This survey includes an inspection of the interior and exterior of each property to document the existing condition prior to construction. In large high rise apartment buildings the ground floor area will be inspected, but the individual apartment units above will not be inspected.

We appreciate that some tenants/residents may not want a pre-condition survey of their home and we would like to stress that you are under no obligation to do so. Should this be the case, please advise the representative when they call

You will likely feel some vibrations during the routine operation of construction equipment; however, studies have shown that these vibrations are much less severe than the vibration level likely to cause structural damage. We do recommend that you remove light, fragile or delicate objects from shelves when construction activity is taking place adjacent to your property.

Should you experience any problems during construction, please contact me immediately and I’ll address or direct your concern to the contractor if needed. If immediate action is needed, such as an issue with your services and City Staff or Representatives are not immediately available, you are welcome to contact the contractor directly.

Should situations arise during or after this construction project, the following contact information and telephone numbers are provided for your convenience.

On Street Parking

During reconstruction, temporary parking permits will be issued to displaced residents to allow on-street parking when needed. The permits will list streets for parking options as you will be permitted to park longer than 3 hours and overnight. Permits are to be displayed on the dash of your vehicle. Ensure that your vehicle is parked in permitted areas only and that you do not interfere with any construction operations.

We communicate with the Bylaw Enforcement team to ensure residents displaced by construction are noted, although illegal parking and/or safety related issues will continue to be enforced. If you require parking enforcement, please contact 519-741-2345. If you have any inquiries, please speak to the site inspector for further direction


City of Kitchener Project Manager

Licinio Costa – 519-741-2200 ext. 7132

Consultant Project Manager – Aecom

Steve Collie – 519-650-8665

Consultant Construction Inspector – Aecom

Vincent Bruno –

Contractor – J. Weber Contracting

Murray Childerhose – 519-648-3302

Corporate Contact Centre (24 hour)


We appreciate your patience and understanding during this project.

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The construction is now complete, and the project has entered the maintenance phase. This means we will inspect all aspects of the work done to ensure that it meets our standards. We will also address any deficiencies. Once this phase is complete, we will add a final layer of surface asphalt. This is usually about two years from the start of maintenance. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 519-741-2345 or

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