Pearl Jam surprise...

Sept 11th,2005 I was working a day shift at the time setting up for the Pearl Jam Concert and moving some barricades and rubber matting around the mixer booth at the South End. It was very dark and a lot of haze in the bowl.

While I was setting up, a few sound crew were in the area as well and I started to talk with one of them. He was telling me to have a listen to the open band. He was saying that "the drummer was amazing and was out of this world you’ve got to hear her play". So we talked for a little bit longer while the opening band continued their sound check and I finished setting up the area. I said good bye to the guy and headed over to another staff member that I was working with and asked, “ I wonder when Pearl Jam is going to go on stage for their sound check”.

My co-worker turned to me and said “Are you kidding, You’ve be talking with Eddie Vedder for the past 10 min.” Wow… Eddie Vedder must of thought ‘This guy doesn’t have a clue who I am, or he really doesn’t care.’ So…true story… I didn’t know who he was. Lol. I just figured this guy dressed in an army jacket and black jeans was one of the sound crew setting up for the concert. When I got home that night I told my wife about what happed to me and to this day this conversation comes up and my wife tells the story. She still can’t believe it and makes fun of me. Funny stuff - Graham Moore

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