Notice - Sept 3, 2022

It's that time - Kids are back to school!

This update is provide details of progress and look ahead over the next 2 weeks and forecasting into the seasonal shutdown.

Surface asphalt has been placed on 2021 works in Stage 1A & 1B & 1C between Whiting Way and Gingerich Road.

Driveways within Stage 1C are to be paved this week weather permitting.

Topsoil and sod has been placed and residents within Stage 1C as well and notices were delivered which provide tips for the best success at establishing the new turf. Our contractor will be responsible until the spring of 2023 due to the time it has been placed which will include the first mowing as well as core aeration in the next month or so.

As noted in the last update - those residents within Stage 1A & 1B should already be maintaining the sod along frontages as well as within the boulevard

There are some isolated areas that were identified for replacement as they did not establish well and the landscaping contractor will be scheduling to complete these areas in the coming weeks when the temperatures are more favorable. Areas approaching Gingerich Road that received seeding versus sod will also be addressed in the near future as they also did not meet requirements and therefore will tilled and re-seeded again once temperatures are favorable to do so.

Sanitary sewer installation is complete between Brewery Street to west of Brubacher Street and currently the contractor is working on installing watermain with this same section. Dewatering challenges continue to impact installation and limit production rates and prolonging the construction progress. Once the watermain is in, the contractor will begin the sanitary and watermain servicing to each resident.

Our Contractor has also began sanitary installation from Brewery Street westerly towards Foundry Street, however further dewatering measures ahead of the installation are required which is delaying progress.

Currently motorists and pedestrians can access businesses between Brewery Street and Brubacher Street via Brewery Street and into next week access on Snyder's Road from the east should be available. As usual if you have issues or questions regarding access and how to navigate the work area or just general enquiries regarding the construction taking place please do not hesitate to reach out to the Region's onsite inspector Jeremy Bieniarz (WalterFedy) at 519-465-0539 or

Please be mindful that excavations may be left open at night to aid the Contractor’s production and progress, along with maintain the dewatering operations.

As mentioned in the last update, due to the delays encountered again this construction season a portion of work between Brubacher Street and Whiting Way will need to be deferred until next construction season. Deferring this work will allow our Contractor time to compete the current active work zone and properly prepare again for winter shutdown by November 15.

A letter will be distributed closer to the winter shutdown period with more details

Thank you for your continued patience.

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