Update - July 28, 2021

First, we would like to apologize for the extended period for this latest update.

Secondly, we have received feedback in which residents have expressed concerns over durations of active work in particular locations as well as questions regarding why the road is being affected in the same locations multiple times. Any road reconstruction that involves replacement of deep major utilities must be staged/coordinated especially when the working area is limited. In this case all major utilities including sanitary sewer, watermain, storm sewer as well as servicing to properties are all occurring. Due to the different locations, elevations and the sequence of the work there is a need to expose areas that have already been excavated to undertake the various stages until all underground work is complete and servicing has been installed to property line. Although it may appear unorthodox at times, this process is standard within the industry.

2 week forecast:

Weather permitting, the contractor will be finishing both the sanitary and water servicing to affected homes/businesses within the Stage 1A construction zone between Whiting Way and Forler Street. Following completion of the services, the storm sewer replacement within Stage 1A will begin starting near Forler Street.

There may be the need for a shutdown for isolated residents on Snyder’s Road within Stage 1A to complete final connections of the watermain and once a date is known notices will be distributed at least 48 hours in advance to those affected residents.

Also at the same time, the storm sewer is at the east limit of the project within Stage 1B is scheduled to be completed followed by road excavation.

We would again like to stress the importance to everyone to please NOT disturb and/or tamper with any part of the temporary water system in any way as it's imperative water is always flowing.

Residents are also reminded once again that this road section is closed to through traffic and that only local traffic should be attempting to access the area. For those within the work area a reminder that the contractor will make efforts to notify in advance of ability to enter/exit your access. Also there have been several reports of "off roaders, 4x4s" coming through after hours and tearing the road up and causing a lot of noise and disturbance have been received.

We encourage residents to call the police if an there is an immediate risk of property damage, safety or nuisances that requires police presence. Please follow up with the project team including pictures and license plate numbers as well so we can assist.

If you witness any suspicious activity, have any known upcoming deliveries, are potentially moving or have any other access related matters please contact:

Contact Person

Nature of Question / Concern


Contact Number

Bel-Air Excavating Site Superintendent

Construction related issues (access, loss of service, etc.)

Mike Rybicki (daytime)

Steve Lelacher (after hours)

(519) 221-5089

(519) 623-7101

Region of Waterloo’s On-Site Representative

Construction related issues daytime or after hours

Jeremy Bieniarz


(519) 465-0539

**Other contacts can be found at the link here.

Please follow the Waste Management guidelines here regarding how to sort your waste as well as a new flyer produced by Waste Management regarding waste and recycling during construction.

We would please ask that these guidelines be followed and residents ensure all that all waste materials/bins/containers be marked clearly with your address and that items be placed before 6.a.m. to avoid unnecessary issues with the collection/relocation process.

As noted in the previous update, weather as well as other unforeseen impacts the Contractor unfortunately continues to be behind in the anticipated schedule. The need to work on some Saturdays in an attempt to accelerate the work unfortunately to date the weather has not cooperated. The Contractor has proposed to work August 7th which will cause some disturbance such is being experienced through the week.

As always, thank you for your patience during these necessary upgrades.

Stay safe !!

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