Winter Shutdown 2022


Thank you for your ongoing patience and understanding over the past year as we again continued necessary upgrades to Snyder’s Road; but we’re still not quite done yet.

We faced similar issues encountered in 2021 that have continued to set us back on our timelines including extremely poor ground conditions due to groundwater, material shortages and inclement weather.

For those reasons, we need to complete the remainder of the work this year.

The road will remain open to two-way traffic through the winter until the contractor can begin work this spring.

2022 Work completed

Foundry Street to Coachman’s Lane

The contractor has completed approximately 75 per cent of the work required in this area including full reconstruction and paving, sanitary sewer, watermain and storm sewer installation.

2022 Work outstanding

Foundry Street to Coachman’s Lane

Outstanding in this area is the construction of separated cycling lanes, sidewalks, driveway aprons and landscaping. We’ve scheduled work to start in mid to late April, and anticipate it will take approximately a month and half to complete (April 2023 – June 2023).

Coachman’s Lane to Whiting Way East

Outstanding in this area is the installation of new sanitary sewer, watermain, storm sewer, and the construction of separated cycling facilities, sidewalks, landscaping, and new pavement structures consistent with the sections already completed. We’ve scheduled work to start in mid to late April and anticipated it will take three to four months to complete (April 2023 – August 2023).

Foundry Street to Whiting Way East

Any outstanding deficiencies and surface asphalt along this area is anticipated to be done in August 2023.

Notices, have been delivered to those directly adjacent or in the close proximity to the construction, however if you did not receive one please find a copy (click here for letter) .

New work 2023/2024

Snyder’s Road/Foundry Street

A new contract will be tendered in 2023 to undertake work on Snyder’s Road from Foundry Street to Christian Street as well as on Foundry Street between Snyder’s Road and Charles Street. We expect this work to start in late 2023 and carry through the 2024 construction season. We will provide more details once the contract is awarded. Letters will be delivered prior to construction commencing in the spring of 2023 to update timing, contacts as well as provide details of the work.

The spring start-up letter and any other project specific notices may be posted on this site so residents are also encouraged to please check regularly.

Snyder’s Road Foundry Street to Christian Street

Work in this area will include full road reconstruction and paving, installation of sanitary sewer, watermain, storm sewer, cycling lanes, sidewalk and landscaping.

Foundry Street – Snyder’s Road to Charles Street

Work in this area includes installation of sanitary sewer, watermain, storm sewer, and post underground utility installation work.

A friendly reminder that:

Concrete separated cycling lanes
As a reminder, the separated cycling facility installed on both sides of Snyder’s Road are not to be used to park vehicles on at any time. Tickets will be issued to motorists that disregard this bylaw.

Sidewalk snow clearing
The Township of Wilmot would also like to remind all property owners that you are required to remove snow and ice from sidewalks adjacent to their property within 24 hours of a winter storm. More information can be found at

Project updates

Visit the online project page at to get the latest project updates.

Contact Information during winter season

General road information
Region of Waterloo Call Centre, 519-575-4400
Township of Wilmot, 519-634-8444

Project specific related inquiries
Josh Eldridge – WalterFedy, 226-808-4678
Chris Powell – WalterFedy, 226-748-3035
Ken Brisbois – Region of Waterloo, 519-240-2995

Thank you for your on-going patience and cooperation.

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