What is stormwater?

    Stormwater is rainwater and melted snow that runs off lawns, streets and other land surfaces. Hard surfaces such as pavement and roofs prevent precipitation from naturally soaking into the ground and increase run off.

    Why do we need to “manage” stormwater?

    Stormwater runoff if not treated or managed before discharging into local water bodies can result in flooding of roads, homes and businesses; can contribute to stream and creek erosion; and can carry pollutants to local water bodies.

    What is the purpose of the Stormwater Management Funding Study?

    • Better define and understand existing infrastructure assets and future needs
    • Evaluate potential stormwater management costs and funding impacts
    • Make informed recommendations about stormwater priorities, level of investment, and funding options

    What is the scope of the study?

    • Summarize current services and annual expenses
    • Establish program goals, objectives and priorities
    • Develop a program of services to address needs that align with objectives and priorities
    • Develop guiding principles for a Funding Framework
    • Evaluate Funding options against principles
    • Identify processes and policies needed to implement recommended funding approach
    • Prepare a funding model and final report
    • Engage the community