What is TOD?

    Transit Oriented Development (TOD) is compact, mixed use development near transit stops and stations with high-quality walking environments, activity and amenities. The intent of TOD is to design and develop in a way that allows people to drive less and walk, cycle and take transit more.

    What is a CIP?

    A Community Improvement Plan (CIP) is a tool that allows municipalities to provide focus and direction for the long-term improvements of a defined project area. Section 28 of the Ontario Planning Act allows municipalities to prepare CIP's. Through a CIP, municipalities can:

    • Make infrastructure and public space improvements;
    • Acquire, rehabilitate, and dispose of land; and,
    • Offer grants and loans to owners and tenants through specific programs.

    What is the Project Area?

    All lands described as within 800 meters of the LRT Route/Central Transit Corridor within the City of Cambridge, as depicted in the image below

    What is the TODG Program

    The Transit Oriented Development Grant (TODG) Program is designed to encourage transit-supportive developments along the future LRT alignment, to improve the pedestrian environment and to support other modes of transportation other than the personal vehicle.

    This program will allow developers and existing property owners to apply for program support or enhancements to their sites such as: secure bicycle parking, upgraded transit shelters, digital displays of transit schedules, car share memberships, TravelWise memberships, and transit passes.

    Who can apply for the grant?

    Developers or property owners that are within the project area boundary and fit the criteria in the eligibility worksheet.