Final TMP Staff Report

Staff report IPPW2021-003 City of Waterloo Transportation Master Plan Update was presented to Council on January 18th. The report requested that the draft Transportation Master Plan documents be released for community input as the final engagement process to this study. Following completion of the engagement process, staff are bringing forward the final report via staff report IPPW2021-037 City of Waterloo Transportation Master Plan on April 19th for Council approval.

The associated Transportation Master Plan document is a large file that has been broken up as follows for ease of download and reading. There are also some final report FAQs available.

Executive Summary (pdf)

  • A summary of the entire project contents, including recommendations.

Introduction and Table of Contents (pdf)

  • Chapter 1 of the report Introduces the project, including Purpose and Objectives. The table of contents provides information on where to find areas of interest within the larger report.

Volume 1 Foundations (pdf)

  • Chapter 2 – Stakeholder Engagement summarizes the engagement activities carried out in developing the WTMP with details of the program content, communication methods and feedback received.
  • Chapter 3 – Planning Context details the policy framework for the TMP.
  • Chapter 4 – Existing Environment describes the natural, cultural and socioeconomic environments.
  • Chapter 5 – Transportation System documents current transportation networks and travel characteristics at the time of preparing the plan.
  • Chapter 6 – Future Outlook identifies anticipated transportation opportunities and challenges, the alternative planning solutions considered to address expected needs, and the City’s transportation vision and objectives.
  • Chapter 7 – Implementation explains the process and tools for implementing the TMP, highlights operating and maintenance considerations, and proposes monitoring strategies and a process of continual review and updates to the plan.

Volume 2 Active Transportation Strategy (pdf)

  • Chapter 8 – Active Transportation presents the proposed cycling and pedestrian networks and supporting policies, guidelines, and end-of-trip facilities, with a description of the process followed to develop this component of the plan.

Volume 3 Roads, Transit and Future Mobility Strategies (pdf)

  • Chapter 10 – Transit and Future Mobility outlines new and developing transportation considerations including measures to support transit, emerging mobility options, mobility as a service and mobility on demand, and connected and autonomous vehicles.

Appendix A Engagement Program (pdf)

  • All public notices, survey information and other public consultation and engagement for the project.

Appendix B Updated Sidewalk Policy (pdf)

  • The new policy for sidewalk construction/reconstruction

Working Papers (Technical Memoradums) (pdf)

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