Neighbourhoods, Communities and Culture

Arts, culture and heritage play a critical role in the vibrancy and vitality of Waterloo. Cultural activities and sites contribute to the well-being of society and individuals: they bring communities together, improve our health and happiness, and contribute to a diverse and tolerant society. Culture also contributes to Waterloo’s economic growth and development by attracting people and businesses to the city and encouraging those already here to stay. Creative industries also contribute to a Waterloo’s overall economic prosperity.

A network of streets, public trails and parkettes connect and support our community spaces and often serve as social and cultural spaces as well. As the city continues to grow and intensify, these private and public spaces will also need to grow and adapt to accommodate more people and a wider variety of uses.

More detail is available in the Neighbourhoods, Communities and Culture issue brief, including:

Existing Conditions/Initiatives

  • Supporting Waterloo’s intensifying areas
  • Neighbourhood Community Hubs
  • Waterloo’s arts, culture and heritage sectors

Strategic Directions

  • Plan for a sufficient number and equitable distribution of high quality public spaces and facilities to support all city neighbourhoods
  • Plan for a well-designed and interconnected privately-owned public space network
  • Enable existing, expanding and new creative industries and cultural activities
  • Support a convenient, safe and accessible multi-modal transportation network that links residents to cultural spaces and community facilities
  • Ensure policies reflect relevant changes to Provincial policy and legislation

Policy Considerations

  • Strengthen policies related to the public realm, including urban design and distribution of parks and open space
  • Ensure full range of arts and culture land uses are accommodated where possible in land use policies
  • Celebrate and elevate the role City of Waterloo Museum and collections
  • Update, clarify and strengthen heritage and archaeological resource conservation policies

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