Transportation and Mobility

Moving around the city is something most people do on a daily basis. Some trips are with a specific purpose, such as going to work, school or shopping. Other trips are taken for recreation and leisure, such as walking or biking along a community trail. Whatever the motivation, how we move around is closely related to land use. How we get around in Waterloo impacts our quality of life. The day-to-day experience of moving around is not always positive because of concerns like road safety, air quality or traffic congestion. Waterloo, like most urban municipalities, is still heavily reliant on only one mode of transportation: the private automobile.

The Official Plan aims to promote and prioritize more sustainable modes of transportation, while still planning for automobile-based travel. Ensuring that proper infrastructure is in place to accommodate various transportation modes and amenities is one of the best ways to allow better connections between people and the places they need to go.

More detail is available in the Transportation and Mobility issue brief, including:.

Existing Conditions/Initiatives

  • Updated Transportation Master Plan
  • Major Transit Station Areas
  • Trails and open spaces, road network policies, transportation and mobility approach

Strategic Directions

  • Continue to facilitate a complete streets approach
  • Encourage transportation choices that support the achievement of the city’s climate change objectives and emissions targets
  • Plan for emerging transportation technologies

Policy Considerations

  • Update Official Plan Policy as outlined in the Transportation Master Plan
  • Encourage improvements to cycling and pedestrian infrastructure and experiences
  • Support the 20-minute city concept
  • Plan for emerging transportation technologies
  • Potential to clarify and streamline existing policies related to transportation

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