What will the major rehabilitation include?

    The rehabilitation will include the removal of the steel Bailey trusses and replacement with robust steel trusses or girders, designed and built specifically for the purpose of carrying the loads of the West Montrose Bridge.  These trusses or girders can be concealed by cladding in the same manner that the existing Bailey trusses are concealed by cladding

     Subsequent to construction of the robust structural system, other functional and aesthetic work is recommended.  This would include repair or replacement of the roof and external cladding of the structure.  Other considerations include a fire suppression system, implementation of security cameras and other measures to prevent entry by unauthorized vehicles.

    Will the bridge look the same as it does today?

    Yes. The general view and key features of the bridge will not change. The bridge will continue to have board and batten cladding and a cedar shake roof.

    The deck system can be replaced with an identical deck system; however, in order to provide longer life and better structural performance, we are also investigating the use of a steel deck system. This will not be visible to travellers using the bridge; however, the steel deck system will look somewhat different for those viewing the bridge from the underside.

    How much is this going to cost? Who is paying for this work?

    The recommended major rehabilitation will cost between $3 million and $5 million.

    Funding is currently being finalized.

    What happens if we don't do this major rehabilitation?

    If the major rehabilitation is not undertaken, the key structural systems will continue to deteriorate to the point where the bridge will no longer be able to safely carry even its own weight.

     In short, the bridge must undergo major rehabilitation if is to carry us through the current century.

    What is the timeline for construction?

    Construction is currently expected to commence in Spring 2022 and be completed by Spring 2023.

    Will I be able to use the bridge during construction?

    Construction of the rehabilitation will require the full closure of the West Montrose bridge to all motorized vehicles and horse-and-buggy traffic for up to one full year.

    It is currently believed that the bridge can remain open to pedestrians and cyclists for most of the construction period; however, there will be critical phases where the bridge will be unavailable to pedestrians and cyclists for an estimated period of up to two weeks.

    Detour routes will be established and efforts will be made to make these routes as convenient and safe as possible for all road users, including horse-and-buggy traffic, pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

    More detailed information will be made available prior to construction, through letters to adjacent property owners and tenants, sign boards and postings to the Region’s web site and/or the Region’s engagewr.ca platform.