What steps is the City taking to get the contractor to finish the park redevelopment?

    City staff are working closely with the contractor to complete the work that they remain responsible for. The park improvements will take place in two phases to allow the City to open the park as soon as possible. Phase two work is expected to have less interruption;  only sections of the park will be unavailable for a short duration of time.

    When is Westwood Park redevelopment scheduled to be completed?

    The park is scheduled to be open in mid-August.

    What steps is the City taking to ensure this contractor is not the successful bidder for other work in our city?

    Through the mutually agreed upon closure of this contract, the contractor is aware that they will not be eligible for future city projects.

    Can a dog park be added to the park?

    At this time, an off-leash dog park is not in the plans for Westwood Park. For a list of off-leash dog parks visit www.kitchener.ca/dogparks. 

    Can you tell me more about the cricket pitch?

    Based on input collected through engagement, a practice cricket pitch is being installed. The practice cricket pitch will be located at the back of the park and is intended for drop-in neighbourhood use. The open lawn area can be used to practice cricket or as a multi-use space. 

    We would like to clarify that this is a practice pitch, meant for people to learn to play. It was designed in a way to not impact the playground and will include signage that the cricket pitch is meant to be used for practice and to be mindful of other users. This pitch is based off of a very similar practice pitch in a neighbouring municipality, who has found it to a be a well used and successful park amenity. The intent is not to have full cricket games but rather practice within the space provided.

Demographic Questions FAQ

    Why are we collecting socio-demographic data?

    Our goal is to ensure that every resident has access to the highest quality services that we can provide. The information you provide will (1) Tell us who you are, (2) Help us plan for services, (3) Help us improve access to services to particular populations if gaps are identified, and (4) Help us to engage diverse voices in decision making.

    Why are you asking me about my sexual orientation, gender identity or race?

    Your answers will help us understand who is utilizing our services, and/or who we are connecting with through our community engagement efforts, and who may be missing. We know that sometimes people experience discrimination due to many different factors when it comes to service delivery and community inclusion, including sexual orientation, gender identity or racial or ethnic background. If we don’t ask, then we won’t know if discrimination or exclusion is happening, and if we don’t know who we are reaching, then we cannot develop strategies to correct any existing barriers.


    Why are you asking me about my place of birth?

    We want to make sure that no matter where you come from, or what your status is, you are able to access the services you need and be a part of community engagement efforts if you choose. 

    Why do you need to know how much money I earn? Do you report this to any agency?

    No we don’t give your information to anyone. Again, knowledge about income helps us understand who is utilizing services, who we are reaching out to, and if there is possibly a barrier due to income level. Research tells us that different income groups, especially individuals with lower income may experience poorer services or experience exclusion more than those with higher incomes. We don’t want this to happen here and we want to know if it is so that we can take steps to address it. 

    Are you allowed to ask me these questions?

    Yes. The Ontario Human Rights Commission encourages the collection of socio-demographic data in order to promote equity and protect human rights as identified under the Ontario Human Rights Code. 

    What are you going to do with my information?

    Your answers will be used by the City of Kitchener to provide a deeper understanding of who we are engaging, who our clients are, to help plan for services, and ensure we are providing the best services for all.

    Who can see my information?

    Your information has been collected anonymously, the data will only be available in aggregate form; this means that your answers will be grouped with other answers and there will be no way to identify you personally.

    Do I have to participate?

    No. Participation is completely voluntary.  

    What if there are questions that I don’t want to answer?

    You can refuse to answer any question. Each question has a “prefer not to answer” option that you may choose.