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We have updated the home page for the project. If you are looking for information that was up here previously, you can find it below:

The City of Kitchener is currently looking at ways to enhance Wilson, Vanier and Traynor Parks. Although they are three separate spaces, together they form a park network, all within a short walk of one another. The intent of the project is to maximize the connection between the parks and provide access to a variety of amenities over the entire network to support community needs.

Wilson Park work will focus on minor upgrades and will also be coordinated with restoration work planned for Montgomery Creek and a proposed upgrade to a gas line running through the park. The scope of the creek improvements includes the naturalization of the channel with a more meandering layout and the addition of native planting.

At Vanier Park, work will involve a comprehensive plan to upgrade a variety of the park elements and explore new features for the space. There is an existing community garden that will remain. The gas line from Wilson continues into Vanier, and this work will need to be coordinated, along with the new pedestrian bridge over the creek.

Upgrades to Traynor Park are generally expected to be minor, with a focus on connecting this space to the other two.

With this combination of park projects, there are a number of opportunities to add features to serve the entire area. These may include new play features, sports areas, accessibility upgrades, and better connections to the creek.

Right now, the project team hopes to highlight the existing parks and gain some understanding from you – the community – about them. Below and in the links to the right, please find an existing conditions plan of the parks along with some recent site photographs for your reference. We also encourage you to fill out the “Ideas” board below with your thoughts or ideas for the park space.

Have a question? We know people are tired of virtual meetings but are perhaps not yet comfortable with in person events, so we're doing this consultation a different way. From August 9 to 13 we will host an online forum right here on this page. The project team will be closely monitoring this forum during business hours that week, answering your questions in real time. Visit this page anytime that week to ask questions, make comments and learn more about the Wilson, Vanier, Traynor project.

The City of Kitchener has partnered with Reep Green Solutions to help you make changes to your landscape that will beautify your yard and reduce runoff to Montgomery Creek. When we work together to slow rain down and soak it up in our parks and in our yards, we can improve the health of our local waterways and reduce community flood risk. To learn more and to see if you qualify for a free, on-site consultation with a landscape designer, visit Reep's Rain Smart Neighbourhoods.

Stormwater management

We’re also improving resilience against climate change by incorporating stormwater management at the park.

Stormwater management will allow the area to better collect stormwater runoff caused by events such as heavy rainfall and snow melt. This will help to reduce the risk of flooding and ensure safety of the community.

This initiative is made possible by the Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund (DMAF) in partnership with the Government of Canada. For more information, visit

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