As Home Depot Appliance Speciality Associate

As the retail closed there doors it was the Buy On Line and Curb side Delivery the only choice left for us to help our customers and to keep our jobs intact during this pandemic.It was a diffe experience all together and we all were in the spirit of just DO IT I took the challenge of being outside the store it was still very cold in April sometimes some light snow and approach every parked vehicle for curb side Delivery with there 4 Ways On , I would take the there online order numbers as getting through our phone lines was impossible and then pass the orders to our in store staff to pick the order and another group responsible to bring it out for the customers. It was indeed a front line worker experience of a kind.There were most customers very understanding but, sure enough there were some who could not have control on there English vocabulary. HoWeber, I remember one day a very kind lady who came to pick her order asked me if she could go pick a coffee for Her self while her order is being picked. To my surprise, she was so kind she came back with Box full of Donuts and half a dozen coffee for all of us out side. I li respect her kindness.

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Admin Commented Lil B over 3 years ago
Thanks so much for sharing your story of kindness and hope during the pandemic. We truly are in this together! ~ Liliana, City of Cambridge
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