Why is the City engaging the community on this topic now?

    The City passed its current Fireworks By-law in 2004. It is time for the by-law to be reviewed and updated to meet the needs of our community. Your feedback and ideas are important, and we want to hear from our community!

    Your input will be used to help identify and develop options to be considered as part of the Fireworks By-Law review and update to be undertaken in 2024.

    We promise to keep you informed, listen to and acknowledge concerns, and provide feedback on how public input influenced the recommendations. 

    What is the purpose of the engagement?

    The City is gathering feedback and ideas about:

    1. How well the current Fireworks By-law addresses community concerns
    2. What types of regulations the community would like to see with regards to fireworks

    Your input will be used to help identify and develop options to be considered as part of the Fireworks By-law review and update to be brought forward at a future Council meeting in spring 2024.

    Why does the City have a Fireworks By-law?

    By-laws are put in place to ensure a safe and orderly community for all who live, work and play in Cambridge. The Firework By-law sets out the regulations for setting off fireworks within City limits to ensure that Cambridge continues to be a safe, inclusive, and enjoyable community for all.

    What learning and engagement opportunities are being offered?

    The Survey will be the primary tool for collecting feedback from the community. We will also be holding two open houses for members of the community to attend and learn more about our current Fireworks By-law and what some future regulations could look like. Engagement will include the following:

    • An online survey will be posted on the project Engage page at cambridge.ca/fwreview
    • Two in-person Community Engagement Sessions will be held on:
      • February 22, 2024 at Hespeler Arena from 5pm-8pm in the main lobby
      • March 9, 2024 at the Cambridge Centre form noon-3pm at the community booth

    Who should I contact with more questions about Fireworks in the City of Cambridge?

    Please call or email the Municipal By-law Compliance team at bylaw@cambridge.ca or 519-623-1340 extension 7907.

    Why should I participate?

    This is your chance to provide feedback to decision-makers and make a meaningful impact on initiatives which will effect your community.