Plan with us this summer!

Earlier in 2022, we held a survey and heard from over 1,000 Kitchener residents. You gave us lots of great ideas for what you’d like us to focus on as we build our next strategic plan, and now we want to know more!

This summer and early fall, help us better understand your feedback:

Our street team is visiting neighbourhoods, parks and local events this summer looking for your feedback. When you see them, don’t miss the opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas on which community priorities are most important for Kitchener now and in the future.

Would you like to make an even deeper contribution to the 2023-2026 strategic plan? Later this fall and into the new year, there is another opportunity for you to get involved.

Consider applying for our resident panel

A resident panel is an opportunity to get involved directly in the strategic planning process. The panel will be made up of residents who represent the diversity of our community. Their role will be to recommend goals and actions we should include in the strategic plan.

To do this, they will learn about the issues facing our community and the challenging trade-offs the City must make to develop a balanced plan. They will also review your feedback and input about what’s important to you and why. Then they will reflect on and discuss what they’ve learned. They’ll exchange perspectives and ideas. And finally, they will come to a consensus on what goals and action to recommend.

We will be inviting applications soon. To be the first to know when we do, subscribe for updates by clicking the ‘Subscribe’ button.

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This project is complete. Kitchener Council has approved a citizen-informed plan to guide the City’s priorities over the next four years. The 2023-2026 strategic plan was developed after extensive engagement. Thank you to everyone who took our surveys, talked to us on the street or joined our resident panel! For more information, visit

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