Feedback on our draft priorities

Welcome to the survey section. 

Regional Council has drafted high level objectives that support our five focus areas. Help Council direct staff in the formation of those actions; share your ideas in any or all of the focus categories below.

The survey should take about five minutes to complete, unless you comment on all the focus area Objectives, which would take a little longer.

Your survey challenge: Within each of the high level focus areas, there are strategic objectives developed by Regional Council. Objectives are in draft form and subject to revision. You can comment on any of the Objectives by selecting a focus area that interests you or comment on actions to help achieve those objectives. You can read all the focus area Objectives for review.

This survey will close in late September, 2019. For more information on the Region's Strategic Plan and our community engagement process, visit the Region's Strategic Planning page.

Thank you.

Thriving Economy focus area: The Region will support the work of the Waterloo Economic Development Corporation to achieve a shared vision for our economic prosperity that is locally rooted, internationally competitive and globally recognized.  The Region will plan for and provide the infrastructure and services necessary to create the foundation for innovation and economic success. You can download the all the focus area Objectives here for review.   

Sustainable Transportation focus area:The Region will strive to ensure that our transportation system is affordable and environmentally sustainable. The transportation network will be integrated and accessible and will contribute positively to urban intensification and economic prosperity.  The Region will encourage more active transportation by enhancing facilities that make it more comfortable and convenient to walk and cycle in our community.

Environment and Sustainable Growth focus area:The Region aims to be one of the most environmentally sustainable regions in the country, and will play a key role in protecting and enhancing the natural environment including, clean air, water and land, and protected green spaces and sensitive environmental features.  The Region will work in partnership with the community and area municipalities to manage growth in environmentally sustainable ways and create spaces and places that enhance living, working and travelling experiences for the community. 

Healthy, Safe and Inclusive Communities focus area:The Region will work with the community to provide quality services and programs to improve access to the supports that contribute to a healthy, safe and inclusive community. The Region will continue efforts to improve population health, support healthy living, disease and injury prevention as well as enhance community safety and crime prevention. The Region will also improve affordable and housing options and mobilize efforts to reduce poverty.

Responsive and Engaging Government Services focus area: The Region will strive to inspire public trust and confidence by engaging citizens and collaborating with community partners to foster meaningful and open conversations and communication about Regional programs and services.  The Region will attract, recruit and retain a skilled, engaged and caring workforce, that delivers excellent citizen-centered services to meet the diverse needs of the community.  Organizational processes, facilities and resources will be reliable, cost efficient and effective, and will strive to provide excellent value to the community.

Welcome to the survey section.

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